Out & About: From The Farm To Your Doorstep


While we all wish we practice clean eating at all time, very few of us managed to do so. At least I know I can’t. Despite knowing what is best for my family and myself, finding the right ingredients at the right price at least here in Singapore has proven often to be difficult. 

This was until Little Farms showed up very near my home. I remember seeing the sticker announcing their arrival at Valley point - I took a picture of it and sent it to a friend of mine who is probably the healthiest, cleanest eater I have ever met. 

A few months later, they finally opened and I walked in. Just like that, I smelled the natural scent of what a supermarket should smell off - fresh fruits and vegetables. At the time, it was peaches. I could not help but try to remember the last time I smelled fresh peaches. I then went on to check out the rest of the offerings and of course the price. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the prices are on point - not cheap but not outrageously expensive either. The rest of the offerings was not only pleasing to the eye but also to the palate. 

I thought to myself I’ll be back very often and that I finally found the place where when I hear or read of a healthy recipe to make I know where to go and get the ingredients even the obscure ones, if you see what I mean. Hello world of gluten free homemade bread!

With that the service is on point, staff are friendly and happy to help you. I like the fact that they have a loyalty program and that they have finally launched their online platform so you can shop from the comfort of your home. 

Here are few things that I cannot not buy when I am passing by. 

Avocados - hands down the best avocados in Singapore. Not once have I purchased any that were not tasty. And, more importantly, they're all ready to be eaten. 

organic avocado

The spreads - They have so many spreads that make your life easier when you just want a quick and healthy snack or even for when you are simply entertaining at home. My family's favourites are the white and pink taramosalata by Fresh Fodder. The reality is that you can’t go wrong with anything from Fresh Fodder. 

The peaches and Nectarines - I always loved peaches. I was lucky enough to grow up in a garden where I would simply eat them straight from the tree, and yes I did get scolded a few times because I would pick them up before anyone else in my family. At Little Farms, the peaches smell like peaches but most importantly taste like peaches. 

Fresh Figs - Just like peaches they remind me of my childhood. Figs are very difficult to transport as it is a very delicate fruit so wow to the team of Little Farms for it. The figs are tasty and they look nice, to the point where you can serve them with your cheese platters when entertaining. 

Lavosh with Nigella seeds crips - I am literally addicted to this, they are the perfect snack for me, instead of heading to the pack of chips. I also use them to devour the spreads. 

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