Food Tales: Healthy Eats on UberEats

Working on Club Street, there are so many food options to choose from when it comes to lunch time. But, you know, sometimes, work gets the better of us and there's just no time to go down to get anything. Ok, that's a wee bit dramatic. 

The truth is, it is sometimes too hot to go out of the air-conditioned office and walk to wherever it is that we want to go to get our food. Plus, and this is only for me, ever since I got back from London, I've been watching what I eat here. While in London, I've been eating mostly organic food or those made from natural ingredients. Coming back to Singapore, I realised that that's an expensive lifestyle to keep up. Oh well. 

Ok, back to the topic. The area, while convenient, is not populated with healthy restaurants - especially one that is within walking distance of the office. 

That's where UberEats came in. And, thank goodness for it! 

So, i've been trying out the different restaurants that offer healthy dishes. My desire to try these places was inspired by a former colleague who is also into healthy eating. In fact, she's written quite a few yummy Food Tales recipes for us! 

So here are two of our favourite Healthy Eats places that we love, thanks to UberEats. 

Guac And Go

Now, Guac & Go started with the idea to nourish busy office workers hard pressed for time and healthy meals. The best thing about this place is that they prepare everything for scratch, with the freshest ingredients possible (that's what they say on the website). 

Our favourite dish is the Guac and Hummus bowl. I order it alot that the system remembers my exact order. On UberEats, that's placed under the section "Your Got-Tos". 

So basically, the dish comprises a base of lettuce and quinoa that's topped off with tomato salsa, roasted pumpkins, guacamole, hummus and chips to dip. There's also the choice of protein between tofu and chicken. 

Trust me, It's SUPER delicious. And it keeps you full till dinner time. 


Our other favourite place to order food from is Dosirak. Now, Dosirak delivers everything you need in a meal in one cup. All you need to do is to shake it up. My favourite is the Spicy Chicken bowl. Ok, it is not as spicy as it looks - I usually ask for my order to be extra spicy. So, don't worry. 

Dosirak has a physical store near-by, which is at China Square. Visit the site.