Food Tales: Packable Snacks For The Plane

Food on the plane have made amazing progress over the years but did you know that to make food taste better in the air, some ingredients such as salt and spices need to be tripled in order for our tastebuds to feel it.

From my understanding, the altitude and pressure does play with our taste buds and many airlines company test the food in pressurised cabin with chef in tow to make it tasty. On my end, I know that a long flight for me means puffiness guaranteed but also I expand and salt is the worst ingredient for it. Knowing to keep hydrated as well as not hungry during my flight is an exercise I am still perfecting. But in the long run but so far here it goes. 

I pack my hydrator bottle empty with me so I ask the stewardess to fill it for me and then I don’t have to bother her to much during the flight and thanks to it no more excuse with I did not drink enough water.

I use the one from Thermos for Super Elixir, I love the fact that it comes with a rotating meter that lets you monitor your water consumption. Its a bit bulky but really worth it. I only drink water on long haul flight and despite enjoying bubbles aka Champagne I never drink during a flight. Knowing that I am not an avid water drinker and not wanting to be distracted by the drinking tray I do pack some tea with me, just to add some taste to my water. Of course I will pick non-caffeinated tea or infusion ones, I still don’t have a favourite one so more then happy to hear about your choices in the comment column. 

To keep myself full but not bloated, I like to pack some granola bars in different flavours, my favourite ones are from Larabar, they taste good come in different flavours and the packaging puts me in a good mood for some reason. In ziplock I pack different nuts so I can nibble on them during the flight and hence don’t feel hungry. Having my own food also makes it easier for me to decide on my schedule when I am on the flight versus waiting for the everyone schedule, it also makes it easier to adjust to the time zone you are going to this way. I often travel with my kid in tow and so my snacks are also good for her, and on a night flight we can skip dinner versus waiting for it as I know I have things to feed her up when she wakes up, if she does. 
To that I add fruits, such as apple and bananas as they are easy to pack.
Snacking away can feel a bit depressing when you start smelling the food that is served around you. For this purpose I pack to meals with me, I make it simple yet yummy. 
First one is a pre-packed Oatmeal bowl, you simply have to add some water and voila a comfy and tasty meal on the go. And the next meal is a The Nourishing protein meal by Welleco that I mix to the Super Elixir when they are serving breakfast, it’s chocolate flavour so taste yummy and gives me the right boost for when we arrive at destination and add an extra excuse to keep up with the water intake.

On arrival goal accomplished - I am not hungry, but hydrated and bye bye puffiness. 

How about you? Do you pack any snacks when you travel? Do you have any tips you would like to share with us?