In The Bag: Claudia Sondakh, Robe Raiders

1. I got this Goyard bag from Barney's in Los Angeles. I love the bright colour. Also, I tend not to travel light and so I like bags that are lightweight and durable. 

2. I'm on-the-go a lot and so I always need to have some type of snack in my bag. Usually, it's almonds or carrot sticks. Today, it's a tupperware of popcorn. The popcorn is from The Manhattan bar at The Regent, so that works. (laughs)

3. This small pouch was bought from a small village in Chiang Mai. I have my essentials in there as well as a few bottles of essential oils. 

4. These essential oils are great - you can just smell them if you get carsick or drip a couple of drops of the peppermint oil into a cup of hot water for a refreshing mint-infused drink. 

5. I like bright accessories and I wanted something thin for my credit cards and cash. So this Valextra wallet, which I got about two years ago, is perfect.

6. I don't like to mix my notes with my coins so this APC coin pouch is for that purpose. 

7. I'm still old school and will sketch things or note stuff down in my notebook. I think you remember better when you write them down.  

8. I love dogs and I though this Anya Hindmarch namecard holder was cute.