In The Bag: Michael Finn, The Architect

1. Lihit Lab Smart Fit carrying pouch bought in a stationery store in Ginza

2. PC (yes, yes, I know) because I use Excel a lot and it's not the same on Mac

3. Vintage Lamy fountain pen borrowed from my Mom 25 years ago and never returned (sorry Mom!)

4. Nuboard Shot Note whiteboard notebook, the ultimate paperless solution but now impossible to find

5. Lapinou, office chaperone imposed by my 3 y.o. daughter that reports back to her every evening

6. iPad w Nozawa ski resort sticker and logitech bluetooth keyboard

7. iPhone with real wood protective cover that my brother calls "pocket furniture"

8. Kindle, first generation and going strong

9. Notebook from Hermes, intended to record any deep thoughts, of which I have none

10. Tape measure branded with our logo, very useful in our line of business