In The Bag: Valerie, The Photographer

1) TA.THA.TA bag: This was a gift for my 21st birthday from a group of friends whom I've known for waaaay too long

2) Earpiece: I have no clue where this is from but I'm certain I took it from my mom. I really like the wood pattern

3) Alphabet pouch and Ipod: The 'V' pouch is a recent gift from my friend who came back from Bangkok, and I use it to keep my iPod, which was a gift from my mom after my PSLE, which was... 8 years ago. Long live the iPod. 

4) Kikki.K 2014 Planner: A gift for my 20th birthday. It comes with a set of stickers that i can't bring myself to use, heh.

5) Pouch and Lomography Fisheye Baby: The pouch was a gift from a friend, and it stores the Fisheye Baby, which was also a gift, a birthday gift from another friend.

6) Keys: House keys, because, well. I need to leave and enter the house. Stuffed heart keychain from my sister, pink strap keychain with my name on it from a friend, and blue tag keychain from my dad, from Athens.

7) Portable charger: A gift for my 19th birthday, saved me many times.

8) Iphone 5 cable: "Linguine-style" cable, finally, i hope my cables stop breaking

9) Frog pouch and swiss army knife: A furry harmless frog pouch that i use to keep my swiss army knife, which was a gift from my dad for my 20th birthday.

10) Wallet: A gift from a friend, who got it in Chiangmai