In The Bag: Sandra, The Communicator

  1. My clothes are pretty low-key and I love big and bold accessories; no dainty pieces for me. They’re also great conversation starters, which help since I meet new people all the time. This bag was made in India but I got it from Peaches & Cream in Tokyo. It has everything that I like in a bag: lots of room, pom poms, a giant tassel, colors, silver, gold and mirrors. 
  2. Strawberry cupcakes-scented wet wipes to remind me of my neighbourhood, the Cupcake District of Singapore. Make a guess where.
  3. Toothpick holder from the land of Kawaii-ness. Hey, who wants to have food stuck in their teeth? Not me!
  4. Happy Mints: Because we all need to look at the word "happy" a few times a day
  5. Mmerci Encore: This is what you will tell me after buying their Glow Elixir. A mix of blood orange, bergamot and rose geranium essential oils to roll on your pulse points. Fiat lux!
  6. Nars lip colours in Luxembourg and Cruella shades. And no, I’m not chasing Dalmatians around Parisian gardens.
  7. Your best friend to prevent wardrobe malfunctions: Hollywood Tape strips
  8. "Sharing is caring”, so I have two fans - one for me and the other one for the Sweaty Betties of Singapore.
  9. Must-buy item when you’re shopping on a budget at Comme des Garçons: a name card holder (the notebook was sold out :P). The Paul Smith one, which I customized with cute stickers, is a gift from my first boss in Singapore (you know who you are).
  10. Notebook and pen. Love the Peranakan inspired print by Kala Pata.
  11. I LOVE Dries Van Noten and I’ve had this pair of sunglasses from his collaboration with Linda Farrow for a few years. At the time, not many brands were making translucent frames. And it reminds me of my best friend, as we bought it together.
  12. Rain or shine, this cat print umbrella is always with me.
  13. Kimono fabric coin purse, like an old granny, from Kokon Tozai. Did I mention I’m obsessed with Japan?
  14. Size does matter. You’d be surprised at the number of times this measuring tape has come in handy! I must admit that I don’t get much credibility with contractors when I pull it out of my bag, though.