Food Tales: 5 Bare Essentials to Healthy Eating


It seems like these days the Clean Eating trend has escalated and having a healthy diet can sometimes mean having to spend more, but do not loose faith because it just so turns out that you can still have a balanced diet without having to break the bank. I recently asked a close friend of mine who’s been Pescatarian for years and recently turned vegan for lent what she thinks are the five minimal bare, but also reasonably priced food that someone who’s seeking to have a healthier lifestyle should have at home at all times.

So, here’s a break down of the list of food/ beverage my friend always have at her home. With the addition of some of her favorite healthy restaurants right here in the heart of Singapore.

5 Minimal Bare foods to have at home:

1)    Bananas

Everybody knows that bananas serve many beneficial factors to our health, but the best part about it is that bananas are usually pretty cheap and you can buy them in bundles. Bananas is a must because it helps curbs your sweet cravings and substitutes as a great filling snack.


2)    Terra Chips

Snacking is a part of life; it is hard to imagine anyone that doesn’t enjoy the occasional chips in a bag. Terra Chips is a perfect healthier alternative to potato chips. It comes in different types and flavors but is mostly vegetable and sweet potato base, so you don’t have to feel guilty the next time you feel like you need a real snack.


3)    Frozen Berries

Frozen berries are not only conveniently easy to find but are often less expensive than the fresh ones. Frozen berries are beneficial for our health in so many ways including the fact that this low-calorie snack is rich in antioxidants and are a great source of fiber. Not to mention, they are great add-ons for your cereal and or oatmeal, even smoothies.


4)    Almond Milk or Coconut Water

Almond Milk and or Coconut Water both have their fair share of health benefits that includes better skin, digestion, and better weight management, but the main reason they are useful to have at your home is they are great for making smoothies and overnight oatmeal, which brings me to the last food on the list.


5)    Oatmeal

Oatmeal is part of the list because, besides its beneficial health elements, oatmeal is also a quick and easy meal to prep. The thing about oatmeal is you can dress it up as much as you want by adding and mixing it with different kinds of flavors and toppings or you can just eat it plain. The flavors are easily adaptable that usually, you can create your flavors without having a fear of boredom if you ever eat it too often. They also are great made as cookies!


Handpicked favorite restaurants in Singapore:

1)    A Poke Theory:

A Poke Theory serves food that is set on health and balanced nutrition but still has abundant of flavors. Their menu is focused on the continuously trending and famous Poké Bowls but also features healthy snack packs and smoothie bowls.


2)    Kitchen by Food Rebel:

Kitchen by Food Rebel serves fusion food that brings dynamic to clean and healthy eating. Their menu is based on organic and wholesome food that ranges from a hearty breakfast to impressive brunch selections.


3)    The Daily Cut:

If you go to The Daily Cut during lunch hours, don’t be surprised when there’s already a long queue in progress. Many love the Daily Cut because they aren’t shy about their portioning and the fact that you get to create-your-own protein-filled salads.


4)    Yong Tau Foo:

For 60 cents apiece, Yong Tau Foo serves delicious homemade meatballs and Korean mushroom. Their budget-friendly and comforting food have attracted the attention of the public since it opened.


It turns out that it doesn’t take much to have a balanced diet, and now there are no more excuses pointed at how expensive clean eating can be. All it takes is a little bit of commitment and perseverance. And, I hope that the list above will at least help some of you who would like to be more engaged or are somewhat struggling to have a healthier lifestyle.


Seorin Shin