Food Tales: Nuts for Doughnuts

In the spirit of America's Independence Day, we at THE FIFTH COLLECTION thought about the kind of food that resonates with us the most when we think of all things Americana. The first thing that popped into our minds were doughnuts. Think: Homer Simpson and his iconic rainbow sprinkled pink donut or the cops in every single American drama munching on this sugary concoction.

This humble sweet snack has been around for most of our childhood at neighbouring coffee shops and bakeries. We've gone through crazes with it too - remember when we would trouble people to "smuggle" some Krispy Kreme donuts before the brand finally opened a store here? Let's also not forget those snaking queues at Donut Factory. Oddly enough, the doughnut has played a significant role in our Singaporean lives as well.

And while the doughnut craze may be over (or not...), the thought of all the sugar in one tiny bite of those delightful pastries kind of makes us cringe. All those saccharine sweet flavours that honestly start to taste rather artificial after a while set us out looking for some kind of "doughnut intervention". We struck gold when we found the very aptly named, Donut Whisperers. Our kindred spirits are 3 lawyers who, despite their extremely busy schedules, feel that they can really "speak" to doughnuts. As a result, they have handmade donuts with flavours that we could only imagine in our wildest dreams. 

Some of the glorious flavours they have concocted include lavender lemon glazed donuts, chunky peanut butter cream with cinnamon sugar and pandan vanilla custard dusted with sea salt. Suffice to say, these artisanal doughnuts (as much as we hate using that term!). In the works are flavours like bacon, cheddar and chive, milk tea custard with bolo bao crust and mango cream with coconut glaze and pomelo.

We seriously cannot wait for the Donut Whisperers to roll out full swing and we are proud to be the first to preview these luscious treats, but for any enquiries on orders and flavours please email them at

Shh, you heard it here first.