Food Tales: Fresh Pressed Juice

With summer upon us, it's natural to be thinking about taking a break. Everyone does this differently, but it often involves indulging in great food with family and friends. So (unless you observe Ramadan!) the one thing that never seems to get a rest is our digestive system...

Our good friend David Ratner over at Freshed Pressed agreed with us wholeheartedly and encouraged us to try their 3 Day Cleanse program, an expertly designed cold-pressed vegetable and fruit juicing program designed to reset your metabolism and detox your system. His regulars swear by the program, and the success of his concept speaks for itself.

It's pretty simple - you sign up online, select when you want your 18 bottles of juice delivered (or pick them up) along with alkaline water bottles and herbal tea packets. Don't be surprised if the earliest available delivery is a week or more away; done correctly, lovingly cold-pressed juices take time and demand has outpaced production!

If you've never done it before, it's a lot easier than you might think; the challenge was not the lack of solid food, it was managing to drink all of the juice. The first two days were tough as your body resets and you feel low on energy, but by the third you get a boost of energy and feel great. The best part? You have a whole new appreciation for the taste and texture of foods when you're done with the cleanse.

We thought you might want to try it as well, so Fresh Pressed is offering our collectors 10% off the 3 Day Cleanse. Just enter your Collector Card number as a coupon code on the Fresh Pressed website for the discount to be applied. For more information on our Collector Card, click here