Letter from the Editor: It's Good To Be Her

As far back as I can remember, I've always imagined mastering the art of being her.

Yes, Her. You know, the woman who is just perfect from head to toe at any occasion and makes it all look effortless. The woman that, in my thirty-something delusion, has graduated from ballet school and walks everywhere in 10 centimetre heels and, no matter what happens, looks like she’s floating on air. 

Needless to say, her manicure and pedicure sessions are scheduled religiously (and no less sacred!), as are appointments to keep eyebrows and hair colour always perfect.

This is also the woman whose day look carries her into the night with a few easy waves of some mysterious fashion wand; the same woman who has mastered her wardrobe essentials with such confidence that she playfully mix them with the latest runway pieces (or pieces that, for some unexplainable reason, you always miss on the rack at Zara or H&M). This is the woman who is able to somehow tie everything together with a look-defining vintage piece from seasons past.

OK, fine. Maybe I am living a little bit to much on my Instagram account and, yes, I am addicted to my fashion feeds like others are addicted to their morning coffee. Except I’m also addicted to coffee. 

But that’s not the point. The point is that we all aspire to be that person that has it all together and goes beyond just looking good to looking… uniquely good. Wearing Chanel is the easy part, making it inimitably yours is ultimate style!

So, what drives us on that endless quest? Do we do it for ourselves? Is it for others? Or it is for our other halves? And if so, what is it that they want? This week’s page five takes a fresh approach to this question...