Letter from the Architect: Who can you trust?

The popularity of vintage and secondhand fashion has grown dramatically in recent years. As one of our suppliers in Paris likes to say: “The Future is Vintage”.

But that rise has also attracted many new businesses, sprouting seemingly overnight like mushrooms. And just like mushrooms, some of them are best avoided.

So, this week, we ask the question you should be asking yourself: who can you trust?

For starters, make sure you know who you’re dealing with in case you have a problem. In this case, brick and mortar stores do have a leg up but if you are dealing with online businesses, then make sure they are registered in Singapore and that they are transparent about their place of business.

In our case, THE FIFTH COLLECTION has our offices are right in the heart of the CBD on Cecil Street.

Now comes the issue of authenticity. You see, talk is cheap but do these online businesses (especially those hawking vintage and pre-loved luxury goods) really know how to authenticate items? More importantly, as a consumer, what are your guarantees under legal agreements.

This is where we come in to assure you that THE FIFTH COLLECTION has a guarantee that is written into its legal documents. And in this aspect, you might be surprised to know that we are the exception. While most online retailers adhere to the "buyers beware" concept (where the onus lies with you, the consumer), we want you to have a peace of mind when shopping at our site. We want you to know that we've done all the checks and are equipped with the necessary knowledge and resources to ascertain the authenticity of all the products we sell. 

Lastly, look for evidence that the business takes its obligations seriously.

In the case of THE FIFTH COLLECTION, we are registered under the Police Licensing & Regulatory department as a legitimate second-hand goods dealer. So, you can be assured that under the watchful eyes of the Singapore government, you (and your purchases) are protected.

Happy shopping!