Letter from the Editor: Back To School

September is traditionally back-to-school. And so it is in the fashion world too.

This week, New York kicks off the catwalk season followed by London, Milan and Paris, thus officially marking the end of summer in the fashion world and one of the few times when the industry stops to "study". This is the month when designers show us what they have in store for the coming year and the industry sits up to take note and figure out the key trends.

This is also a moment we love, as it gives us something to look forward before the summer memories of fun and sun fade away, and it’s also our opportunity to trend-spot, THE FIFTH COLLECTION style: designers are some of the biggest buyers of vintage which they use as a main source of inspiration for their new collections and we like to figure out what vintage designs are inspiring today’s trends.

We will, of course, be reporting anything interesting we spot on the runways so make sure you tune in on our Facebook page as well as follow us on Instagram. This year we’re also excited that THE FIFTH COLLECTION will be in London during fashion week so we’ll get an up-close look at the action and keep you posted.