Letter from the Editor: On The Road

THE FIFTH COLLECTION has officially been open and serving up the best in vintage and pre-loved fashion in Singapore for a little more then five months now. In that time, one of my proudest achievements is one that is hidden from our Collectors’ view: our team.

We’ve all heard and read about the importance of people in the growth and success of a young company, but it’s only when you build your own venture that you can truly understand and our team has demonstrated their commitment, loyalty and resourcefulness many times over, and done so with great style and humour. I’m grateful to them for making this all possible, teaching me so much, and making sure we didn’t forget to laugh along the way.

I’m therefore very proud to say that we’ve built the dream team of vintage, and that’s only the beginning.

The hardest thing when you have a team like ours, however, is saying goodbye to one of our members, and unfortunately so it is this week with our editor extraordinaire, Roro The Scribe, who is moving to London where’s he’s been selected for a prestigious fashion journalism program - congratulations, Roro, we are very proud of you!

But don’t despair just yet, dear Collector, because our beloved Roro may be leaving Singapore, but he ain’t leaving THE FIFTH COLLECTION! While we are going to miss his presence in the office every day, he will continue to be an active member of the family and serve as our foreign correspondent to the fashion and vintage capital, London. So get ready for even fresher material ahead in page five...

With Roro on the road to London in the midst of fashion week, we focus this week’s page five on saying farewell, wallowing in melancholy music and recommending the best places to go in that great city, whether you just moved there or are visiting for fashion week.