Letter from the Editor: Why A Collector?

You often hear us referring to you, our dear clients, as "Collectors". This week, we thought we'd take a closer look at why we chose that particular term.

For starters, the idea of collecting is core to our philosophy and the word "Collection", as you already know, is right there in our brand. So, we mean it! The reason is that, when it comes to fashion, we believe everyone is a collector - whether they think of themselves in those terms or not. For instance, we are all constantly curating our wardrobes, parting with certain items and adding new ones with the goal of creating a collection that faithfully reflects who we are. At THE FIFTH COLLECTION, we see it as our job to make sure your wardrobe collection stays interesting, fresh and unique.

In other words, it is our job to help you build and maintain a collection that says something about you and that you can be proud of!


It's because the fashion world puts out four main collections a year and we are the next one, the independent one, the collection by the people for the people. And why does that matter? Although there is no denying the creative genius that many designers put into their work, the truth is that most collections are built around industry-wide themes determined by a select group of fashion trend houses. After all, it is a business and it's no accident that many of the same themes appear across fashion houses in any given collection. THE FIFTH COLLECTION, however, cuts across all these very unfashionable business decisions to free our Collectors, allowing you to distill style from fashion, beauty from the pre-determined trends.

But the word "collection" is more than just a reference to the world of fashion. Whether it be stamps, coins, automobiles or even vintage posters, it's about a certain similar mindset.

Have you ever scoured the web and shops searching for something very particular? If you found it, did you start wondering about the next item that would complement this one or complete the set? At some stage, have you realised that you might have graduated to the next level and want to sell your existing items so as to invest in your newest obsession. This is also known as upcycling. As Elizabeth Taylor so wisely remarked: "It's not the having, it's the getting." Or do you have certain things that you cherish so much, you know you will never part with them and maybe even pass them on the the next generation?

If you recognise any of the above, you are a Collector! 

When it comes to my own wardrobe collection, I am a very lean Collector. I invest in classic pieces and a lot of accessories and add to this on a seasonal basis. When the season is over, I edit my wardrobe and upcycle by selling certain items in anticipation of the next season. It should be no surprise considering our business! But it may surprise you to learn that the collection I've spent the most time building is actually not my wardrobe. It's my family's vintage poster collection, hence the picture accompanying this article (as for the locks, I'm tempted to make them a new collecting passion).

Collecting vintage posters all started very randomly when I got engaged in a train years ago. There, my then-fiancee and I purchased a vintage-themed poster of that very train we were on as a souvenir to keep in our home and remind us of that special moment. Months later, my mother coincidentally sent me an authentic vintage travel poster featuring a train forging its way across the desert and palm trees in northern Africa. It caught my imagination and I was hooked! From there, the quest for the next vintage poster started. This collection is now eight years old and has grown to encompass trains, hotels (such as the vintage poster from the hotel where we got married) and, of course, fashion!

It is now a shared passion for my other half and I to scour the web for new finds, visit specialists and resellers when we travel and read about the different artists that have designed the posters we love. But it does not stop at just the act of buying, a collector also sells regularly, and we have pieces that we know we might part with one day in order to curate our collection towards another artist, theme or interest. In other words, upcycling with fellow Collectors.

So, my dear Collectors, I leave you this week with three important words: Buy. Sell. Collect.