Letter From The Editor: Happy Birthday, Curator!

For those of you who have been reading our page five on a weekly basis, you know how dear each member of THE FIFTH COLLECTION is to me. I consider my team to be part of my family. We don’t just work together, we help each other, care for each other, laugh at each other and we all believe passionately in what we’re doing.

It is also a great source of pride for me to see what a tightly knit team we have built: we’ve worked long hours and many weekends together and there seem to be no limits to the lengths our team is willing to go to get the job done, and done with a genuine smile. Importantly, we have faced our share of bumps on the road together too, and I took much strength and in my team’s unwavering loyalty and support. It is in the bad times, after all, that true character is revealed.

Yet, the best part is that we’ve celebrated every victory together too, big and small, professional and personal. Through the laughter and the jubilation,  it’s been amazing to watch not just our business, but also our team transform in front of our eyes. And just like a proud parent, I’m happy for any excuse to share that pride with others…

This week, we are celebrating the birthday of our one and only Curator, Angie Chen!

You all already know more about her than you may realize, since it is her keen eye and creative direction that guides the weekly page five mix-and-match lookbooks. If you are one of our P.S clients selling via THE FIFTH COLLECTION, you have inevitably met her and fallen under her charm. But Angie’s main function is as the head our Puchasing and Merchandising efforts, meaning that she directly influences the direction of the collection and the way we present our amazing finds to our Collectors.

Happy birthday wishes just did not seem sufficient to thank Angie for her hard work and invaluable contribution to the business and team spirit. So we thought we would simply step aside this week and cede her centerstage at page five so you can discover what an amazing person, stylist, and fashion-lover Angie is. For us, she is the ultimate Collector.

So join us in this week’s page five for an unadulterated look at that unique personality that is Angie Chen, and get her take on some of the beautiful items she brings to you every day of the the year on THE FIFTH COLLECTION.

In the meantime, Happy Birthday, Angie! We can’t wait to celebrate with you later, once page five is out of course!