Letter from the Editor: More is More

When we set out to create THE FIFTH COLLECTION, we wanted it to be place that was a lot more than simply a place to shop for unique vintage and great pre-loved fashion; there are enough of those and we wanted to offer something different, hence the title of this week's editorial: "More is More".

What excites us is the idea of creating a place of fashion for like-minded individuals, our Collectors, where you can connect with us every day as easily and naturally as if you were walking into your favorite neighborhood cafe. Online, this means dropping in on our site every couple of days to check out the ever-changing array of beautiful and unique fashion, or taking a break during the day to click on page five and reading one of the short articles we write ourselves for you each and every week, or even simply following us on your favourite social media and letting us know if we made you smile.

I was once asked how I would determine if we were successful. My answer has not changed: if I see people coming to us even on the days when they have nothing to buy or sell.

This is why we decided to create our THE FIFTH COLLECTION Collector Card - to continue making ourselves an indispensable part of your everyday fashion life. Best-in-class discounts with Singapore's best dry cleaner? Check! Access and discounts to other leading businesses to help you look and feel your best? Check! And many more surprises to come. It's our way of saying thank you for your support and keeping it real. Want to know more? Check it out at http://www.thefifthcollection.com/collector-card

Tip - as we will be adding special deals on a regular basis, make sure you are following us on your favourite media and, above all, make sure you've registered an account!