Letter From Editor : New Home


As some of you may already know, we started THE FIFTH COLLECTION in a new serviced office space called Collective Works; we were amongst the very first tenants, starting with a few hot desks in an open plan layout in the pre-launch stage of the business when we did not yet have merchandise. Six months later, our business grew alongside Collective Works’ expansion and we moved to a new floor and into a large, secure private office that would allow us to start taking in merchandise. 

At least it seemed large at the time. When we first moved in, we secretly wondered if we had made a mistake committing to such a big office so early and if we would ever manage to fill it. Fast forward to this spring, we had two locations including a warehouse we inherited as a result of the merger with Robe Raiders, but still bursting at the seams with a treasure trove of stock. We realised that it was time to consolidate our two locations into our own new space and give ourselves the room to growth yet further. 



Room to expand is not the only thing that a new space means for a fast-growing company like ours: it’s also an opportunity to express and foster a unique corporate culture. So after a couple of sleepless nights refitting the space with the contractor,  two dozen trips to Ikea (we lost count), and a carefully coordinated simultaneous move from two premises to one, we are now the newest residents of Club Street! We have our own art on the walls (authentic vintage fashion posters of course!), a massive walk-in closet that would make Kim Kardashian blush, and a professional photography studio where we shoot all of our products ourselves. Added bonus: tons of natural light for those critical Instagram pics and an address our Collectors know and trust. 


Speaking of our Collectors’ trust, we’d like to brag a bit about our state-of-the-art security and safety equipment, all intended to protect and preserve all of those goodies you guys entrust us with: networked CCTV cameras, dual-layer card access control, networked fire alarms with CO2 detectors, halotron fire extinguishers (that don’t damage clothing in the case of fire), and an industrial safe to protect the most valuable items. And all of it, of course, fully insured against theft, damage and loss. We’ve gone above and beyond because as part of our genuine commitment to set a new standard for curated, authenticated vintage and pre-loved fashion online. 


With that said, I’ll stop talking and share some pictures of the new space so you can discover it yourselves. For those of you that would like to come by and say hi, please do! We’re always happy to meet our Collectors in person and share our excitement for what we do.