Letter From The Editor: Manifesto Pop-Up

manifesto singapore popup.jpg

Some of you have asked if we had any plans for a pop-up event, and today we are happy to announce our first collaboration with Manifesto boutique at Capitol Piazza! 

We generally don't do pop-up events as this is not our core business - we are an online platform after all - however, we've never been against having a corner to showcase some of our vintage pieces. We were just looking for the right partners, a select group that we will always keep very small. 

Why Manifesto? When it opened earlier this year, we were invited to the opening and simply loved the concept, from the architecture of the boutique to the brands carried by the store, such as Lemaire, Maison Kitsune and Adidas just to name a few, expertly curated by Zaazaa, the charming and stylish brains behind Manifesto. We've always seen vintage as part of the ultra-modern and stylish wardrobe that Zaazaa and Manifesto also feed, so the idea of partnering in-store was born of these complimentary approaches. 


Hermes trim vintage bag at manifesto.jpg

We have have both vintage and preloved fashion, but we wanted to exclusively showcase the vintage pieces. These are the pieces that we felt would benefit most from the contrast with Manifesto's modern eclecticism, and the pieces that a picture online, even one from our professional in-house photography studio, can never do enough justice too. This is how we came out with a mini-collection of 10 pieces from brands such as Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Hermès. The beauty of vintage is also that it is timeless and there are almost endless ways that you can mix-and-match. In that regard, our collaboration with Manifesto turbo-charges each piece. 

Everything that is currently at Manifesto is accompanied by a little excerpt on the piece itself. When we purchase or take items on consignment, we always do research on them and this is was our way to share some of our knowledge. This is because we believe that buying a vintage fashion piece is more than just a fashion piece, you are buying an entire a savoir faire, an experience really. Here's a couple of highlights: an extremely rare Hermès belt made for the french navy dating from 1947 that is a museum-grade collectible which we are looking forward to seeing creatively mix-and-matched with the wardrobe of a future shopper. A Chanel cartable from the 90s that screams 80’s power woman long before #girlboss happened, and much more. 



Vintage Hermes bomber jacket.jpg
Vintage Chanel bag at Manifesto singapore.jpg

I could go on for hours but there's nothing quite as good as taking a look for yourself! Let me end by highlighting my personal favorite pieces: from THE FIFTH COLLECTION it would be the Hermès Jige pochette clutch (no longer in production), as well as the Paco Rabanne Belt; from Manifesto, I love the Maison Kitsune Parisienne sweatshirt and the Lemaire Mao collar shirt in white. 

Oh, and last but not least, we will be changing the vintage collection on display often so follow our Instagram account (@thefifthcollection) or our Facebook page to be kept in the loop.  


Manifesto at Capitol Piazza, 13 Stamford Road #02-19