Letter from the Editor: Vintage Lifestyle

For those of you who have been following THE FIFTH COLLECTION and page five since day one, you will already know that we have a sweet spot for authentic vintage posters. We’ve written a few articles on the topic and, more importantly, we have incorporated our passion for collecting these beautiful items into the decor of our new offices on Club Street (see the full article here). We were also thrilled to see that those articles and some instagram posts captured the imagination of some of our collectors and led to numerous questions from curious collectors on where they could find out more and shop for similar items. We were happy to oblige.

The thing about vintage collecting, whether it be fashion, wine or art, is that it is a way of life. You need an authentic passion to spend the time arming yourself with knowledge, studying your prey and then - ever so patiently - sitting in wait for an opportunity to pounce. And even then there are no guarantees: sometimes you find what you wanted, sometimes you don’t, but you almost always learn something new in the process that might inspire the next cycle. In the meantime, there is a real sense of fulfilment from continual discovery, and the unpredictability makes it a lot of fun.

My husband and I have been collecting vintage posters now for 10 years. It has become an embedded part of our travels, and we research vintage poster dealers in new destinations or pay a visit to ones we’ve known for many years at regular destinations. Collectors are always on the market for something new, even if that something is not always fully identified. It’s curious that it all started by buying a souvenir from our engagement weekend that grew into a part of our life both at home and now in the office, and in no small way has influenced our decision to create THE FIFTH COLLECTION. 

True collectors have something else in common: they love to share their knowledge! And we’ve spent more than our share of hours discussing a particular artist or theme with vintage poster dealers here and there. So when our own collectors asked for more, we decided to oblige by creating our first #LOVE collection series, a highly curated capsule collection of vintage posters from around the world, in this case with a distinct fashion theme. We hope that you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you, and you might even spot one that graces the entrance to our offices! 

You can find the collection at this link (click here) or under the Collections tab on the main THE FIFTH COLLECTION site. In the meantime, below are a few of my personal favourites from this capsule collection, both from an aesthetic and collectors point of view.