Tech Tip: Apple Watch

Nothing in the technological world inspires as much discussion as when Apple releases a new product, especially if it is in a category that that has never been the centre of attention.

At THE FIFTH COLLECTION we love our gadgets, and the Apple Watch marries style with function in such an everyday object like it’s never been done before.

The Apple Watch has been lauded by CEO Tim Cook to be the most accurate and advanced watch ever made. The Apple Keynote (linked here) covered countless technological advancements, in tracking health statistics with HealthKit and countless other conveniences like opening your garage door with your watch, paying for groceries with Apple Pay with your watch and opening room doors at participating hotel chains in the world. It is truly a technological marvel that marries the elegant precision-engineered components with function that Apple customers have grown to expect.

Out of all the countless features, the one that appealed most to me is the ability to receive notifications not only by sounds but also by touch. That’s right. The next time someone sends you a text, you’ll feel a light tap on your wrist. With the Apple Watch, you can dictate your reply and send it in text or a voice recording of your reply. This brings a revolutionary personal level of convenience that has never been seem in one device alone

It is also important to note that Apple is not only targeting tech geeks with the Apple Watch, but also style mavens. 

Last month, the company took out a 12-page advertisement slot in the March issue of Vogue US. This is the first time that Apple, or any tech company, has ever done something like this to promote its latest product. According to, an online tech publication, the ad spread featured no top models (well, no human at all actually) and largely focused on the device's interchangeable bands, with all three models of the Apple Watch presented at a comparatively smaller scale.

To further the fashion connection, Apple introduced former supermodel Christy Turlington Burns as the surprise celebrity guest to endorse the Apple Watch during the keynote speech. She is the only person to have test-driven the device during a half marathon to date and alternated between wearing the white and black versions of the Sport style.

The mother of two and founder of maternal health nonprofit Every Mother Counts tells Vogue US that she also uses the device to answer calls and send Apple Watch-exclusive emojis to her kids and husband, Ed Burns, who receive them on their phones. She also gives it high marks for sturdiness and practicality. She says: “That’s how I am as a person. But when it looks great, too, there’s nothing like that.”

The Apple Watch is due for pre-order in the United States on April 10th and all be for sale from April 24th onwards.. Prices range from US$349 the aluminium Apple Watch Sport, US$549 for the stainless-steel main Apple Watch series and of course, the star of them all, the Apple Watch Edition, with cases made of 18-carat solid gold or rose gold, from US$10,000 onwards.