Out & About: Street Style Stars

The runways may be home to the latest trends and hottest looks but to see how those designer ensembles work in real life, we only need to look beyond the runways and onto the streets. 

In recent years, photographers have been making a name for themselves by capturing the attendees of the many fashion weeks around the world. And with the accessibility of social media, it is inevitable that, these days, street style stars are the new celebrities.

Vogue Japan's editor-at-large and creative consultant, Anna Dello Russo, is known to dress up for the cameras. Without fail, every street style photographer worth their salt will clamour to take a snap of ADR (as she's lovingly known) and post it online. Other style stars include bloggers, such as Susanna Lau (or Stylebubble) and Chiara Ferragni, and editors, such as Miroslava Duma of Buro 24/7 and Caroline Issa of Tank Magazine. 

London's The Guardian once reported that what we wear is now increasingly shaped not by glossy magazines but by fashion bloggers. These style arbiters who are armed with a camera, a website and a sharp eye for clothes created a revolution in fashion that even the most outrageous show on the runway could not replicate.

Brazilian style blogger Helena Bordon. Picture taken from Style Dumonde

Vogue Australia's Christine Centenera. Picture taken from Style Dumonde.

Of course, we owe this phenomenon to the influential Bill Cunningham, who, through his widely read On the Street column in the New York Times, has both moulded the fashion sensibilities of magazine readers and kept fashion houses in touch with what people are really wearing. 
Now via the internet, street style photography is a worldwide, viral phenomenon – and has opened a window onto current fashions in other cities and cultures.

For those not privy to the catwalk shows, these fash-pack photographers are the closest many people get to witnessing couture in motion. Apart from the usual suspects, such as The Sartorialist, Garanche Dore and Street Pepper, THE FIFTH COLLECTION shares some of our other favourite street style blogs. 

1. Le 21eme
http://le21eme.com/ | @le21eme

Started by Adam Katz Sinding, the street style blog (which is billed as NOT a street style blog. confusing, yes?) has garnered much attention since its inception a few years ago. His photography has since been featured in publications including W magazine, Vogue, Who What Wear, style.com, Marie Claire, InStyle Germany, and grazia.it.


2. Style Du Monde
http://www.styledumonde.com/ | @styledumonde

Belgium's first Street Style Blog was started in 2008 by Acielle and captures real life fashion on stylish sidewalks across Europe. Since then, her work has been published in Vogue US, Harpers Bazaar US, Glamour US and Marie Claire.  It is shared across the blog and to an impressive fan-base of 146,000 Instagram followers.

3. Altamira
http://altamiranyc.com/ @AltamiraNYC

Founded by photographer Craig M. Arend, Altamira is a blog that started off specialising in capturing images of models off-the-runway and off-duty. This is our go-to site when looking for inspiration from the models who wear the exquisite designer togs for a living. It has since expanded to include fabulous shots of show-goers as well.