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Wardrobe Wizard: Caring for your Shoes

After handbags, I have an obsession with shoes. I love how they make me feel when I shop for them - well, all year long as a matter of fact. Buying shoes has a special effect on me simply because you can be having a bad hair day, a bad outfit day or you want to lose some weight or have a more toned body, but shoes always make you feel great. My only issue though is that some of the shoes I love I can’t wear. 

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Out & About: Street Style Stars

The runways may be home to the latest trends and hottest looks but to see how those designer ensembles work in real life, we only need to look beyond the runways and onto the streets. In recent years, photographers have been making a name for themselves by capturing the attendees of the many fashion weeks around the world. And with the accessibility of social media, it is inevitable that, these days, street style stars are the new celebrities.

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