Tech Tip: Due 2

Having a full-time job and being a part-time university student means that I have to be very organised when it comes to my priorities. Thank goodness for the existence of technology.

Be it at work or in school, I rely heavily on reminders and to-do apps on my smartphone and computer to make sure I don’t miss any important tasks. In my search for the perfect reminder app, I have gone through all manners of to-do productivity apps, from really simple list-based ones to complicated tasks managers that required me to spend time categorising each task before I can safe them.

As a veteran procrastinator, sometimes I find myself forgetting deadlines or due dates and that is a very serious problem, be it a deadline for a paper in school or a promised reply to a client.

This is when I discovered Due 2 and it has been very handy, nudging me gently when it is time to submit my tasks like a worried mother. What that means for you is that you can put in the tasks that you’ve been putting off for ages and trust that you will be nagged at until you complete it. It’s perfect for tasks like project submission deadlines, hair appointments and you can even set alarms for timed tasks like tea steeping or homemade pot roasts on the weekends!

Overall, I would highly recommend Due 2 as it is incredibly easy to set up and integrate into your daily routine, I hope it’ll help fellow procrastinators out there! ;)

Due 2 is available as a universal iOS app for both iPhone and iOS, now available on the App Store for S$5.98. There is also a Mac app if you would like to sync reminders or alarms to your computer.