5 Muji beauty must-buys

A little disclaimer before I start the review on my 5 must have beauty staples from Muji - I am huge fan of Muji and I have been ever since the opening of their first boutique in Paris a decade or so ago. I can’t set foot in their store without purchasing something. It started with stationery (I am self-confessed stationery hoarder), then home items and I love their cotton PJ’s. You should have seen me on my first trip to Japan. Being in a Muji store was like being in a candy store, and needless to say I came back with a luggage full of Muji items I could not find elsewhere. 

But the last time I went to Muji, I decided to venture in the beauty section. The reason why was because they have finally translated what was what in better light for us non-Japanese speaker. So now, I can add to my shopping list some beauty products whenever I walk into a Muji store. 

1. Cut Cotton

This is probably the only product in the cosmetic section that I have been buying for years. You see, I find the offerings of other cotton pads in the region to be not so great. Of course, you can find cheaper one out there but they always seem to have something wrong with them too absorbent, too rough on the edges, too big, too small, etc. The Muji ones, on the other hand, are simply perfect to me. They have the right absorbency, so your products don’t get soaked in and this lets the product actually go where they are suppose to go. They are so good that some beauty editors have compared them to their more luxurious counterparts from brand like Clé de Peau or Shiseido.

My tip is to actually use one cotton and separated them into two. This is especially so when using it for your face. I find that to be most helpful. Also, when I am removing nail polish two pieces are sufficient to remove all the nail polish. 
Muji cut cotton: 4.6 SGD

2. Cleansing Oil

I am big fan of using oils to cleanse my face and have been using it for years. It started with the Shu Uemura one, and then I moved on to the Tata Harper offering and now, on to the Muji one.

As much as I am fan of the two first, I always feel a bit guilty spending those dollars over them, I mean I rinse them, right? So, when it comes to the Oil Cleansing from Muji, it cost me almost nothing (well, 13.90 SGD for 200 ml, to be exact) and it does the job just as well. It cleanses well, emulsify well and does not leave any residue when you rinse it. The oil also does not have any particular smell and more importantly your skin does not feel stripped - just very clean.

To that, you can add the simple yet perfect packaging that Muji is known for. The bottle is in a sturdy plastic, and comes with a stopper so you can take it with you when traveling. Plus point? It simply looks nice in your bathroom. It also has a "ml marker" at the back so it gives you a good idea of how much you have been using. So, in my case, I have been using it since July and according to my calculation I will finish the bottle sometime in early December (I use two pumps once a day). If you are fan of oil to cleanse your face, or looking for an alternative to your fancy one, this one is made for you.

Muji Oil Cleansing  200 ml: 13.9 SGD

3. Gel Cleansing

This is a very unusual Gel Cleansing - it comes out as a gel formulation and a pretty thick one but it does not foam. So if you are a foam lover, stay clear of this one. However, I find that this is perfect for those who uses the Clarisonic, like myself. Its thick enough that you can feel, with the movement of the brush, the dirt really gets removed. Ok, it's probably a psychological effect but good enough for me as my once a week cleanser and with the little price, I just can’t resist it. The only down is that the scent is slightly too medicinal for my liking. 

Muji Gel Cleansing 120 gr: 10.6 SGD

4. Light Toning Water - Moisture

As far as I can remember, I always used a toner in my beauty routine. Some beauty addicts will tell you that this step is a must-do while others will tell you to skip it. For me, it’s a must. But finding a toner that won’t strip your skin bare and actually adds something to it is a tough one. And often, you end up having to pay top dollar for those… till this Muji one, of course. It’s a toner that actually moisturise as well. It is made for sensitive skin and does not strip your skin at all. It fact, it actually makes sure that your skin is super clean and moist before applying your cream. I added a spray head to it, and actually use it during the day to mist my face when I feel that the AC in the office is too much for my skin. 

Muji Light Toning Water - Moisture 200 ml: 10.3 SGD

5. Moisture Essence Lotion

After reading and hearing all about the benefits of essence for your skin, I really wanted to try it. However, seeing that most of the recommended brands are on the expensive side,I always brushed it off. So, when I saw this one, I decided to test the travel sized one. And well the rest is history.

I use it instead of a serum as I find that with the humid climate, I don’t want to shine when I go out but I don’t want to have dry skin either. Then, I apply my day cream, and it gives me the impression that my day cream is better absorbed. I also do sheet masks with it on the weekends when I feel that my skin is a little bit all over the place. The only thing I am wondering is why didn’t I discover this earlier. 

It’s soothing, it moisturises and, to a certain extend, it plumps your skin. 

Muji Moist Essence Lotion 200 ml : 23.9 SGD

Hope you enjoyed my beauty discoveries at Muji, let me know if you are testing one or if you had discover a product from Muji that you love.