Looking Good: Game Face: On

Let’s face it: I’ve never been one for skincare products or routines. I barely remember to put sunblock (which I’ve been told countless times is the greatest crime I could commit when it comes to my skin). Routines? Sheesh! Time consuming and troublesome. Products? Water and any regular face wash would suffice. However, that all changed after my friend went on a trip to Korea and asked the golden question: “Do you want anything?"

Fast forward 4 months later and I’ve now accumulated so much skincare and sheet masks, it can last me a lifetime. I exaggerate - I think my current stash could last me a year. Needless to say, I currently follow a skincare routine which consists of using a sheet mask daily. And my skin is currently in its best condition by far.

So, to make my money’s worth and to put all the testing to good use, I’ve decided to compile a list of some of my favourite sheet masks. They’re a great boost of nutrients for your skin and a perfect pick-me-up for bad days, good days and any day. Not to mention, it’s the kind of pampering you need for your skin to be at it’s best before the start of school or an important event.

And here we have the picks *drumrollllll*:


What it is: Blithe’s Abalone Blue Zone Marine Intensive Mask

What it does: High in antioxidants, nutrient-rich mask that gives intense hydration to skin.

What we think: It works, it delivers. For someone who is extremely sensitive to scents (overbearing perfumes usually cause me to have a runny or blocked nose), this carries a fresh scent to it that did not irritate me. The texture of the mask itself allows it to hold a lot of essence, and doesn’t dry out even after 15 minutes, which is good, as you don’t want a dried-out sheet mask on your face. After application, my skin looked dewy. After following up with light moisturising, my skin still looked hydrated the next morning despite sleeping in an air-conditioned room. 


What it is: Innisfree’s Whitening Pore Mask

What it does: Jeju tangerine peel extracts and squeezed tangerine solution infused mask to reveal brighter, even skintone.

What we think: This is my lifesaver. One of the problems I battle with is pigmentation. Hence, I’m usually drawn to items that promise to deliver a clearer, brighter and even skin tone. I first saw this at Innisfree and thought it was rather pricey (at $5 per pop), but still decided to give it a go. Lo and behold, i’m so glad I did. With a subtle citrusy scent of tangerines, having this mask on was definitely a soothing experience. When I first removed it, my skin seemed slightly brighter. Sure, it did as it said. But it was nothing amazing to me. However, after a good night’s rest, I awoke the next morning to clear, radiant skin which lasted throughout the day. I’ve since introduced this mask to a few friends and they all rave about it as well! I’m definitely using this tonight :)


What it is: PapaRecipe's Bombee Honey Mask

What it does: Nourishing and moisturising mask with honey and propolis extracts that heal and restores skin.

What we think: Honeyyyyyy. This definitely smells like honey. So if you’re sensitive to scents, be ready to have the sweet scent of honey and a bit of florals, waft by your nose for a few minutes. It really isn’t all that bad and you do adapt to the smell after awhile. It’s effects definitely makes it a mask that you shouldn’t pass up. After application, the essence left behind is slightly tacky, but it truly moisturises the skin and seems to bring redness down a little as well!


What it is: Too Cool For School’s Pumpkin 24K Gold Mask

What it does: 24K yellow gold and white gold essence to revitalise skin while pumpkin and naturally derived enzymes remove dead skin cells.

What we think: Here’s the truth: I expected either a gold mask, or an essence with gold flakes. Well, I got neither. Nonetheless, I believe that liquid is actually a gold-infused essence. Most importantly, I got results. The biocellulose sheet also adhered to my face well and is actually a very comfortable texture. This mask left my face really smooth. I’m not a huge fan of pumpkin, but I definitely won’t mind it in this sheet mask form! Also, bonus points for the cute packaging. I’m always a sucker for packaging.


What it is: Blithe’s Sea Cucumber Blue Zone Marine Intensive Mask

What it does: Whiten and brighten while delivering intense clarifying and radiant skin

What we think: Brightening, radiance. To me, there definitely is a difference. While brightening and whitening lightens the skin tone, I feel that clarifying makes one's skin look radiant, healthy and dewy as well. Hence, although this mask is for whitening and brightening, I feel it does a really great job at clarifying my skin tone and giving a glow to my face. My skin definitely looks healthier after applying this sheet mask. But do take note! The smell, though it fades off after awhile, may be slightly strong and off-putting to some right at the start. But I assure you, the scent was alright for me and I had no case of a blocked or runny nose after!


What it is: My Beauty Diary's Imperial Bird's Nest Mask

What it does: Centella extracts that help combat acne, hydrolysed swiftlet nest which is rich in epidermal growth factor that stimulates skin and tissue repair.

What we think: Most times, we'd think that a sheet mask is only for the nights due to the tackiness left behind from the essence. However, for this particular sheet mask, it pats in really nicely. You can use it right before you leave the house for that extra boost of moisture to get you set for the rest of the day. The centella extracts in this mask definitely helped to calm down the redness my skin had, which is always a plus. Of course, if you'd prefer your masks at night, this one is still a really good choice!


What it is: Oozoo's Injection Mask Illumination

What it does: Phellinus Linteus extract which is a korean traditional medicinal ingredient and acetylhexapeptide-8 which is derived from botox helps illuminate skin and reveals a rosy and bright complexion whilst delivering moisture and firmness as well.

What we think: Previously, I could not be bothered with all these routines as it seemed like such a hassle to me and it was exactly what it's called, a routine. We all know that gets boring sometimes- everyone needs a little fun! Enter the skin entertainment, also known as skintertainment. Oozoo's face injection mask definitely changes things up and refreshes one's routine. Perhaps it's gimmicky, but nonetheless it did some good for my skin.

The separate syringe contains a highly concentrated ampoule, which is kept fresh until you decide to use the mask. Simply inject the ampoule, allow it to soak into the sheet mask, and apply. The ampoule has an almost cream-like texture, which causes the mask to slip down a little even though it adheres well. This doubled up as my moisturiser too. So I simply put it on, removed it after 20 minutes, pat it in and knocked out for the day! When I woke up the next morning, my skin seemed slightly oilier than usual, but after washing my face I noticed that I had very plumped up skin! This mask, is not purely novelty, that's for certain. Do take note, however, as this mask is extremely moisturising. If you have an oily skin type, consider trying the hydrating mask from this range, or simply leave this mask on for a shorter period of time and pat all the essence in for full absorption! 

And with that, welcome to the wonderful world of sheet masks! If you have never used one before, don’t be afraid to as you’ll see how convenient and beneficial they are! And for the rest of us sheet masketeers, I hope that you’ll love these masks just as I do and perhaps, even find a new favourite from this list :)

In the meantime, happy masking!