Looking Good: The Super Elixir

For those of you who follow me on Instagram (@ouna24), you might know that I have been trying The Super Elixir for the last few months. Before starting on it, my first question was... Is it going to make it to page five?

Well, as you guessed it, yes! So, here is my review on the product that has been on the top of healthy tips from celebrities since its inception.

The idea behind the creation of The Super Elixir came from the will of Elle MacPherson wanting to create a company "to supercharge our health”. 

At first, I was on the fence about this product, simply because of pragmatic reasons, such as the price. Also,  the powder reminded me of some Chinese Medicine concoctions that I had tried while living in Shanghai (I was not able to and keep up the routine because of the taste and smell). Yes, it was so bad even when I closed my eyes and my nose.

So, looking at this green powder and reading from other users mentioning the taste of it, I just stayed still and watched people raving about it thinking it was not made for me. And then one day, the travel kit appeared on my Instagram feed. The kit contains 7 sachets of the powder and comes at a much more affordable price. That was last April. Since then, I have graduated to the full kit and even spoiled myself to their hydrator bottle and even re-stocked on the travel set before my trip to Europe this month.


I have the kind of life that makes it hard to keep any routine outside of my work. Building a startup company means that new things will be thrown at you on a daily basis. So, for the last few months or so, prior to testing The Super Elixir, I went back to the drawing board to review my health. I asked lots of questions to some trusted friends on how to take care of my health more efficiently. The one area that everyone seems to agree about is that I clearly need it to drink more water, less coffee and of course start on supplements.

But here is the thing, I don’t like pills and I even find that the supplement pills are often very big. I also find that there is something pretty depressing about taking pills. In the end, I will buy them, take them for a bit and then chuck them aside. There they are on my kitchen counter and reminding me everyday how I am not taking them. Not my proudest moment knowing the cost of it. But more importantly even when I stick to those pills, I don’t really see a difference. Hence, I don’t feel the urge to take them. 

Photo credit: @superelixir

Enter The Super Elixir, which is easy to use.

Mix 2 teaspoons to some water or coconut water and voila you got what it takes to handle the day ahead of you. Simple and somehow comes more natural to me. The taste is special but totally manageable and after awhile you even forget about it. Now, on the more concrete side, I find that it gives me a good boost of energy without having the nervousness that comes from other potions like coffee. I also find myself much more focused and centred somehow.

On the days where I know I am going to have a conference call late at night (in my case this is a weekly thing),  I know that by taking The Super Elixir, I will be able to handle it. I won’t be feeling tired and somehow I can keep my focus. I have also tried it in smoothies and this is a great way of making sure you get your supplement in without other good things for you. Sadly, I often only do this on the weekends; mornings are still a rush in my home. 

Finally, I tested The Super Elixir on the plane to help with the jet lagged and it worked. I arrived at my destination feeling great. Best part? It also works on those hangover mornings. Ok, the powder will not cure them - nothing will except saying no to that last drink - but it definitely does the trick the same way that a club sandwich and a can of coca cola did it for me for many years. 
I am not sure if it is the by-product of taking The Super Elixir but I am also happy to report that I drink more water. The Hydrator bottle comes with a rotating meter that lets you monitor your daily water consumption. So, now I know if I need to drink more. 

The fact that all the ingredients are natural is also a huge plus. For once, I know exactly what I am ingesting. More importantly, all I need is 2 teaspoons a day, which means that this is a goal that I can easily achieve and feel good about.


As much as I love The Super Elixir and I will stay on it for now, I have to say that the price is a bit steep. But when it comes to your health you should not be too calculative. So, my tip will be to try to travel set for two weeks first and see how it goes before making the jump. The fact that you can drink it one hour before or after your coffee means that I have to take it to the office and set a reminder to myself not to forget to take it. This brings me to the packaging. I wish it was easier to take it on the go when you have the full kit or if you need to prepare for a trip without having to purchase the travel set. My solution so far is to use the old baby powder dispenser I used to use for my daughter to carry it. And finally the taste I did say I got used to it probably because in comparison with my Chinese Medicine concoctions this was a piece of cake but I am not sure if it is made for everyone hence test it first.

I am now testing the Nourishing proteins and I am tempted to try the newly released Sleep Welle calming tea. Can you tell I am hooked with the concept and effect of it?

If any of you have tested the other products from the range at Welleco, please leave me a comment with your opinions, would love to hear about it. 

The Super Elixir is available at welleco.com

Photo credit: @superelixir