Looking Good: 5 Ways to Up Your Look Instantly

We're always looking for the quick fixes that'll help elevate our look in a snap. In this issue, we list our favourite quick help tips for you.

Lush’s Roots Hair Treatment

What it does: Mint, honey and olive oil soothes, nourishes and strengthens the scalp and hair follicles

What we think: Is this the real life, is this just fantasy? That went through my mind after I finished my first Roots treatment. My hair was soft, silky, and combing through it was a breeze. Simply put, I was shocked at how well it worked. The process is easy - massage the treatment onto your scalp and the rest of your hair (especially the tips if you have dry and damaged hair like me!), leave it to do its magic for about half an hour, wash it out and you’re good to go. And heads up, it has a strong mint scent (that I love) which perfumes your hair slightly. The mint is also cooling which makes it such a refreshing experience. Many people claim this to be one of their holy grail products and I can safely say that it’s one of mine too!

Innisfree’s Skinny Waterproof Microcara

What it does: Waterproof mascara that defines lashes with a natural look

What we think: Microcara - micro mascara. I was first skeptical when I saw this item but those days are long gone. This microcara is amazing. Firstly, its skinny 2.5mm wand allows easy, unhindered application even at the very corner of your lashes. Secondly, the bristles spread the lashes out very evenly and no clumps are formed (which I have yet to encounter with any other mascaras). It doesn’t deliver a very strong or dramatic look, but instead defines your lashes in a natural manner. Lastly, this has weathered so many rainy days, tears and accidental eye rubs with me but still held on strong. In fact, i’ve once cried while having the mascara on and then combo-ed it with a really rough eye rub, and when I finally remembered I had mascara on, I was absolutely impressed by how it held up. This is definitely a winner if you’re heading out for a movie that you know you’re bound to cry at.

bareMineral's Mineral Veil

What it does: A finishing powder that gives your face the overall "airbrushed" look

What we think: I'm in love with this product. With just a sweep of a brush, my complexion appears to be more even in tone and it has this "airbrushed" glow. This is especially so in pictures. We're a selfie generation and so this powder helps to give that soft look to your face. As the name suggests, this is a finishing powder, so it works well after you've painted your whole face. The powder sets your makeup and give the final boost -- evening out most imbalances in skin tone and making your look seemingly perfect. Because it helps to set your makeup, reapplication is seamless and you don't have to carry your whole makeup bag. Feeling oily? Just dab your face with tissue and apply the mineral veil. It'll give you a matte look but won't dull the highlighting/contouring effect you've created. I also like that this is a mineral powder. What does it mean? Basically, it's triple-milled powder so it's super fine and works to give you good coverage. There's no colour to this, it applies translucent which also means it's perfect for any skin tone and colour. Can you use it on its own? Of course. You can apply it liberally and because it has a sheer, dry texture, it'll leave a lasting matte finish on your skin.

Ren Flash Rinse 1 minute Facial

What it does: Refreshes and Re-energises your skin in a minute

What we think: The perfect mix between a mask and a serum. Ideal for when you simply have no time in front of you to do a mask or you just need to revive your skin in an instant. I usually use it before heading out at night as I am not a big fan of using product with Vitamin C during the day. After using it, your skin will feel refreshed, you will get rid of the dullness from your skin and get the glow that is so needed at the end of any long day. Then, it is really up to you if you want to add makeup on top of it or not. My advice: make sure you rinse it twice as the texture can be a bit oily. I will also suggest you keep one in your day bag as the Ren Flash Rinse 1 minute facial is as easy to use as simply washing your face - something you can definitely do on-the-go. The plus?Ren only uses 100% plant and mineral-derived actives and is free from skin unfriendly synthetic ingredients. So, yet a powerful product but still pretty gentle to the skin. 

By Terry Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge

What it Does: Moisturises your lips while giving you that bitten lip look that everyone is obsessed with.

What we think: I’ve never been a fan of tinted lip balms or sheer lipsticks because most of the ones i’ve tried work better as a clear balm or aren’t very moisturising at all, so it’s usually a clear balm and a full coverage lipstick for me! However when I discovered the Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge from By Terry, I became a convert because of it kept my lips constantly plump and moisturised and also had the perfect colour payoff. It’s the best instant boost to my look and is something I can hastily apply while in my Uber on the way to an event after work. I would highly recommend it to my lazy girlfriends out there who don’t necessarily want to wear lipstick, the Sheer Rouge which consists of pure concentrated Hyaluronic Acid which we all know is a skin care must have is effortless to me. My favourite shade is 16 because it gives my lips that whole Korean barely there tinted look, I’m already looking for a new shade to try!