Looking Good: Laneige Two-Tone Lip Bar

Clearly, I am a little slow when it comes to K-Beauty trends, as the Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar has been reviewed by almost everybody on the internet. 

I’ve always loved the lip colours favoured by Korean actresses on K Dramas as they often have a barely there look. The Two Tone Lip Bar was created to emulate the Ombre aesthetic that has been the rage on the runway for many seasons and also to cater to fans of the Korean beauty aesthetic that may not necessarily have the skills or time to create the look.

Designed in a rectangular shape with a slant tip that helps with precise application (which is not as idiot-proof as it seems), I noticed that most tips given were on how to use the slant tip correctly ensuring you get the colour you want on either the outer or inner edges of your lips. 

After some trial and error and looking like I was a 5 year old who swiped Mummy’s lipstick, I figured out my favourite technique for using this. It is actually to use the tips of the lipstick for a precise application and use the slant tip to blend it out. So, just like how you’re advised not to use the slant of a regular lipstick but the tip, I decided to apply the same theory. I love how one lipstick can give you two different looks instantly, I use Daring Darling as they are both shades of red and pink I would use individually. 

Although pretty creamy and moisturizing, I find that it dries out over time... so it’s important to apply your favourite lip balm before using this lipstick. This move also adds a more glowing sheen and helps to blend out the colours better. (I use it over the By Terry Sheer Rogue recommended in the previous Page Five for the best effect). 

My only frustration is that if your lips aren’t already perfectly moisturised, the lip bar tends to bring out the chapped lips which can be inconvenient and rather unsightly. Overall, I’ve definitely given the lip bar a permanent home in my lipstick roster as I love how subtle it is yet able to create a dramatic look with the ombre effect.