Looking Good: Morning Bliss

If I'm not reading about fashion, I'm often reading about beauty and catching up on the latest tips and products. So when all the beauty editors and experts started raving about the Eve Lom Cleanser, it caught my attention. How could one product get such consistently positive reviews in an industry known for never agreeing on anything?

Naturally, I wanted to test it but I hesitated because of the price. Plus, I did not want to find myself stuck with yet another expensive beauty product that promised miracles and failed to deliver. Luckily enough, Escentials offered me some samples and I got to try it risk-free... and it is goooood (like super good).

Eve Lom recommends a routine of cleansing your face three times, alternating hot and cold water while scrubbing with the muslin, but that was a little bit too much for me. 

I just knew I was going to do it for a week or two and stop, so I did not buy it. But then came along the Morning Time Cleanser with a more straight forward routine. So, on my last day in New York this summer, I spotted a 50ml tube of Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser for a fraction of the price of the full tube at Sephora and I went for it.

The routine is much more straightforward: apply on dry face, massage for a couple of minutes leave on for 2-3 minutes and simply rinse. It has a slightly camphorous medical scent which means that the little moment in between make you feel like you're doing something really good and taking care of yourself. And the massage is like a mini home facial. 

After the very first use, I was happy with the result: my skin looked healthy and revived even after the harsh dry air of a long flight and I did not look tired despite the jet lag.  Such was the (miracle) impact that my other half even noticed and said my skin looked great. In short, I was sold.

So, I have been using the Eve Lom Morning Cleanser for the past month and I am hooked; I even look forward to using it. My skin feels clean, soft and hydrated all at the same time, and I am now seeing a little glow as my skin tone feels more even. I'm so sold that I even threw out my other cleansers and already stocked up on a full tube in order not run out. The only negative remains that high price tag: at $90, it is clearly a luxurious treat for my skin. At the same time, a small amount of product goes a long way and I have not felt the need for as many additional scrubs and masks which means that you save in other places too. 

Overall, I've decided it's worth it. The Eve Lom Morning Cleanser will be my little splurge that gives me a little moment of self-indulgence every morning. 

In Singapore Eve Lom products are available at Escentials outlet. http://www.escentials.com.sg