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Looking Good: Misting Time

One day in the office, we all talked about our beauty routine and naturally, misting came up. Questions like "Do you mist?", "What is your favourite?" and "When do you mist" came up, and just like that, we decided to make it an article for page five so we can each share our experience and also what are the ones that we prefer because, let’s face it, not every facial mist is created equal. 

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Looking Good: Fresh Crème Ancienne

Having combination skin is really a pain sometimes, it’s nearly impossible to find a day moisturiser that keeps the normal to dry portions of your skin hydrated while not clogging the oily parts of it. Even if you find the right one that does that, chances are you can only use the product alone without being able to layer sunscreen on top of it. As a firm devotee of SPF 50 sunscreen, for many years i went without using a moisturiser in the day because i hated the grimy feeling that it produced when both combined...

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