Looking Good: #LashGame = Strong

They say that the eyes are the windows to your soul. And what frames those peepers? Your eyelashes, naturally. Having lush and thick lashes is equivalent to having a mahogany wood frame, I mean who wants to have a flimsy one?

I have always had decent lashes - sort of long and sort of thick, but nothing amazing. They were average at best, which my overachiever self was never satisfied with. So, I sought to find out how to make my lash game stronger without having something semi permanent on my face. I absolutely abhor the idea of false eyelashes as a daily routine or having to go to a salon every 2 months for eyelashes extensions because I have issues with something unnatural being stuck on my face (also I tend to rub my eyes a lot). As such, a lot of methods don’t work for me.

Of course, apart from trying to grow out my lashes naturally (ok, through natural ways but with a bit of help!), I have to admit that the right mascara is also important. To me, it helps in giving my lashes that long and lush look without looking too fake. 

Recently, I set out to find ways that could help both my mom (who had such sparse lashes that you could barely apply mascara on them) and I grow and strengthen our lashes. There are several natural remedies when it comes to strengthening and increasing eyelash growth such as using oils such as Lavender and Castor. However, because of our humid climate, I've chosen not to experiment with them.

I know that lash serums do work but I simply didn't know where to start at first as there are so many in the market. My girlfriends came to the rescue and highly recommended the Browhaus Extend Lash and Brow Serum which is one of the more affordably priced serums on the market.
What's great is that Browhaus has this deal that appeals to the bargain-loving auntie in me - a "buy 3 get 1 free" deal. I gave two to my friends with lash growth issues as well and the rest were shared between mom and I.

OK, So the process

I applied this serum religiously to my lashes and brows daily and, after three days, I could see some results. Ok, I’m not sure if it’s psychological or not, but my mom also saw the effects! At first, we told ourselves that we were hallucinating and decided to give it another two weeks. That’s when I noticed one of my eyelashes was touching the crease of my eyelid and my mom started noticing her eyelashes appearing in one of the selfies she took. My lashes also felt stronger and even when I "rub" my eyes, they maintained their position and did not fall out. When I say "rub", I really meant massage. See, in my quest for great lashes, I've learnt that the best way to encourage and maintain lash growth is to always massage your eyes to keep the blood circulating. Hence, whenever I need to rub my eyes, I'll massage them instead and I would like to think that it has been an effective method thus far.

Three months later, after using the serum religiously, my eyelashes are still strong. So, I think the results speak for themselves.

Growth serums aside, mascara also plays a great deal in my #lashgame. I probably have been experimenting with mascaras since I was 14 so I have tried an unimaginable amount of varying types and brands of mascaras. I have come to realise that the trick is actually to mix different mascaras to achieve your desired effect. I know that there are many multipurpose mascaras these days that promise volume, curl and lengthening but I like using specific mascaras and techniques to achieve my look. 

What I Use

I first start out with a brown curling mascara for a natural look. The one I use is for curling and spreading out your lashes to create a doll-like effect. Pictured is a cheap drugstore mascara from London but that’s not important because the type of brush is common and you can find it in many mascaras, from cheap to expensive. This step ensures that my lashes are fanned out and curled without being clumpy so it allows me to layer. I’ve tried using a black version but I find the effect a little too severe, so a brown or even clear version will suffice.

For the second layer, I like to use something that lengthens and adds volume. So, I choose mascaras that have thicker brushes to coat my lashes. I really love these two mascaras for this second step as they both serve the same purpose but are at different price points. The Lancome Virtuose Precious Cells and K-Palette 1 Day Lash Perm are both must-haves for my volumizing process. I think the most important part in this step is a nice fat bristled brush that looks technologically advanced because it coats an even layer on each lash follicle without giving you those dreadful spider web effects.

This last step is for a dramatic look that I usually wear at night, I use a mascara (like this volumizing Maybelline Great Lash) with a short wand and brush to reach the corner lashes that may not have gotten coated as well as those in the centre. Remember I mentioned that I have an eyelash that touches my crease? I use this to give that lash some love as well.

This step really completes the look as the inner and outer lashes are often left out and needs precise application as they actually help enhance the shape of your eyes. This is a tedious process, I know but I believe it contributes to why people constantly think I wear false eyelashes - and I love proving them wrong. So, I highly recommend this routine to anyone who is afraid of lash extensions and would like to grow out their natural lashes or people who refuse to wear false eyelashes.

That aside, I would love to hear from anyone who has gone the natural route of using oils and remedies to grow out their lashes. Let me know what you've tried in the comments below! 

In the meantime... Check out my lashes!