Looking Good: 911

This week is Audi Fashion Festival in Singapore and with all fashion weeks, comes the eternal question of how celebrities and models always look so good. Nevermind the long days or, for some, the jet-lag after a long flight, these beauties always look amazing when photographed. 

Yes, they have their glam squad of course. But that has not stopped us from trying to figure out the little secrets which can also help us look our best, and with no glam squad in tow. 

Next Morning Routine

Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber gel mask (From Sephora), Bioderma Micelle Water (From Guardians, Watsons), Anne Simonin (From www.luxola.com)

Picture this: You went out last night, or maybe you worked late, or perhaps  your little one has kept you up. Whichever it is, you have not had that elusive 8 hours of sleep to feel refreshed and suddenly, the alarm clock goes off and you’re reminded that a new day has started. Oh, the agony trying to get out of bed when your body and your skin just wants to stay in bed all day. 

So what do you do? Here are some tips that should help alleviate your mood and your spirit. 

1) Get yourself a glass of hot water with ginger and honey to sip on when getting ready. This should make you feel a little bit less stressed. 

2) Wash your face with your regular cleanser followed by another cleanse with the Micelle Solution from Bioderma Crealine (our favourite! It is made of soothing active ingredients that prevent skin irritation after cleansing).

3) Slather a hydrating mask on. Ideally, it should have been stored in your refrigerator for that extra boost. Our favourite is the Peter Thomas Cucumber Gel mask. 

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat, Tata Harper be adored (From The Beauty Candy Apothecary), Clinique CC cream  (From Sephora)

4) Wrap some ice cubes in a towel and set it aside for use later.  

5) Hop in the shower.

6) After the shower, rinse the mask with cold water and gently pat the towel-wrapped ice cubes under your eyes - you should already feel much better. We also just discovered the Anne Simonin Glacons yeux Express, which you can use under your eyes. But you can easily do your own with green tea.

7) Moisturizer + SPF and you are good to go .

* Optional: If you feel that you need makeup, we highly recommend the "less is more approach" on those days. So, go for a touch of CC cream, some touche Eclat under the eyes and tinted lip balm. These should suffice to give you that much-needed glow.

Eve Lom cleanser (From Tangs), Aesop Immediate Moisture Facial Hydrosol (From Aesop)

Some advice: 

1) Keep hydrated at all times. We know this is easier said than done but to help you drink the recommended amount of water daily, how about marking your bottle with the amount you should be drinking every hour?  This will help you keep the pace and make it easier. In no time, drinking water constantly, and keeping hydrated, will become second nature to you.

2) Keep a spray of water or Aesop Immediate Moisture Facial Hydrosol in your bag hydrate your skin during the day

3) Always, and we really mean always, remove all traces of make-up before going to bed. Many models swear by the  Bioderma Micelle Solution cleanser and so do we. It gets rid of the toughest waterproof make-up without irritating your skin. It is also an ideal product for the double cleansing procedure we talked about for the "morning after" routine. 

4) Once a week, do a deep cleansing of your skin. We've discovered Eve Lom, a facial product that not only cleanse but also exfoliates your skin while keeping it hydrated. Perfect, no?  Best part: you can do this in front of the TV while watching your favourite show!