Looking Good: Cleanse & Polish

Liz Earle cleanser.jpg

One of my biggest gripes with reading beauty articles anywhere is that the products that are recommended usually cost an arm and leg (sometimes even a brain?). And, truth be told, not every woman can necessarily splurge on these items. 

Of course it’s nice to treat yourself to a good face moisturiser or lipstick, and I am definitely guilty of buying nice (read: expensive) skincare and makeup all the time. 

However when it comes to products that I use daily, like cleansers, I am on the constant lookout for affordable options. Let’s be realistic here, no matter how much I adore Eve Lom’s cleansing balm, with the climate that Singapore has and how expensive those tubs cost..it’s just not feasible in the long run. At the same time, products like Cetaphil, which I swear by, always seems too mild and never quite gives the feeling of a deep cleanse. 

The thing about me is that I tend to prefer cleansers that are slightly creamy -  the foaming ones are a bit too drying for my combination skin, I feel. So, cleansing balms are the most ideal for me. 

With the humidity and equatorial climate that Singapore has, cleansing balms and creamy cleansers may be too rich, so it’s important to find a balanced product that cleanses deeply and doesn’t break the bank. 


Liz Earle Cleanser Christmas Edition.jpg

Sounds tough right? 

Enter the god-sent Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth cleanser. I was first introduced to this miracle product by a friend who brought it back from Germany. At that point in time, I was still using Cetaphil daily and Eve Lom about 1-2 times a week for a deep cleanse. So, I didn’t start using Liz Earle until I needed a travel-sized cleanser before a month long trip to New York. 

I started using this a week before my trip because everyone knows it’s an unwritten rule that not only do you have to spot test your products. But most of all, you should always let your skin get accustomed to something new before travelling with it. Breakouts while on vacation? Oh, the horror.  


The Cleanse & Polish cleanser blew my mind away when i started using it. It’s a multi-purpose cleanser that, in the first phase of cleansing, cleans away all the impurities and makeup from your face. So, you first start by gently massaging the product all over your face and then using the muslin cloth provided, rinse in hot water and start the polishing phase and clean off all the dead skin cells and then finally splash off with cold water to close up those pores. 

The Result:

The results after 3 days of using this was mind-blowing - my skin was baby soft without having to use any moisturisers or serums post cleanser. There were days when i actually got lazy to moisturise in the evenings and my skin continued to be radiant and supple. I became a full-on devotee of this cleanser despite just wanting to use it for travel as my skin continued being increasingly and consistently smooth and glowing. 

It’s a great everyday cleanser to have even in different climates - it served me equally well when I was travelling in drier climate because of the emollients present in the product. 

What I love the most about the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish is that it’s a milder version of the Eve Lom Cleansing Balm, which can be a hassle to use because of it’s multiple steps, while still offering a gentle but deep cleanse. 

To me, this cleanser is a cross between Cetaphil and Eve Lom, which makes it my dream cleanser. I even adapted a step which i loved from the Eve Lom routine, which is to place the muslin cloth rinsed with cold water over my face for 5 seconds to close the pores instead of splashing water as I feel it is more effective for my skin. 

The great thing about the Cleanse & Polish is that at £15.50 for the 100ml starter kit (which includes a muslin cloth), it’s pretty value for money especially for something that you use everyday. There's a variety of sizes ranging from 30ml - 200ml, which is ideal for your different needs. 

Now the only problem is….finding someone in Singapore to stock it!