Looking Good: Hair Apparent

When it comes to my grooming (ok, fine.. vanity), there are only two things I care about - lining my eyes and styling my hair. I've already found an eyeliner that works for me (M.A.C Fluidline, in a pod. Applied with a brush) but I've always been searching for the best styling products for my hair. Ok, it's not as if I have tresses like Beyonce, but I've always believed that your hair is your crowning glory and the least you can do before going out is to make sure that your hair is styled and in place. 

I've tried wax and clay, gel and mousse, and, of course, hairspray from various well-known brands, but nothing seems to really make the cut. You see, I'm currently based in London and with the city's low humidity level (especially during fall and winter seasons), my straight hair can sometimes look pretty flat and limp. While each strand is rather thin, as a collectively, my hair grows thick pretty fast and the weight of it, coupled with styling products, can sometimes be disastrous.

Worse still, when the strong wind blows - there goes my perfectly coiffed hair. 

And then, when I'm back in Singapore, the high humidity level just makes styling my hair a big chore - perfectly coiffed in my air-conditioned room but, within five minutes of walking out of my house, it starts to fall and then appear oily and limp. 

That's when I was introduced to Kevin Murphy's range of hair care and styling products. Seriously, how does one professes one's love for inanimate objects without sounding like a weirdo? 

Here's a brief background of the brand and the man behind it:

Kevin Murphy is an Australian celebrity hairstylist who has been in the industry for a very long time. His work has graced the covers of many international fashion magazines and he is also a regular contributor to Vogue Australia. And, if you need more convincing, he was Kylie Minogue's personal stylist for over 10 years (see video below!). 

If you love all things KEVIN.MURPHY you will love this short video. It is a behind the scenes footage of Kevin when he was touring with Kylie Minogue!!! It's fabulous!

Posted by Love Kevin Murphy on Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The hair care and styling label was founded after Murphy found himself feeling frustrated that the products he had been using for editorial shoots were just not cutting it. And so, using the principles of advanced skincare technology, he began developing his own line. What I love about the range is that it is paraben- and sulphate-free.

Plus, the line of products is formulated with vitamins, essential oils and natural extracts, which help thicken and style hair without weighing it down (ding! ding! ding!!). If that's not enough to win you over, the different haircare and styling formulae, which are enriched in amino-acid, are then packaged in recyclable bottles and containers, and in fun colours like blue, pink and purple. 

In short, it is like skincare products, but for your hair. Amazing, no? 

There are, of course, so many products to choose from but I'm going to highlight three of my favourites, which I think most people - guys or girls - will love as well. 

1. Anti Gravity Hair Spray

Despite its name, this is more of a volumizer than it is a strong-hold hairspray. What's great about this product is that it adds volume and shine to your hair, making it look luscious and healthy. Ok, since I have relatively short hair (I am a guy, afterall), I find myself not needing to use secondary styling products to keep the shape. It's for those days when I want a soft, windswept look. 

You'll love how light it is and how your hair feels after application. And this product can do wonders for those with long hair.


Most girls who want that red carpet-ready voluminous hair, often find themselves sacrificing softness and movement to get that look. With this, you'll notice that you can achieve the look and still be able to run your fingers through your hair. It's like being in your personal editorial shoot as you walk, and with your own wind machine! Beyonce, anyone? 

How to use: Use it on damp hair. Spray it to the roots and mid-strands and then work the formula in with your hands. Then, shape your hair while blow-drying it.

The result: Natural, bouncy hair that's voluminous and chic. 

2. Doo.Over Finishing Spray

I recently started using this (it's a new product that was recently launched) as I was told that it has some holding power. So far, I'm loving it.

The Doo.Over dry powder is sort of like a dry shampoo - but in a spray form. You can also use this as a finishing spray to give your hair that extra lift.

Now, because it is a spray and not in powder form, you can re-style or re-mould your hair throughout the day (Basically, you can give your hair a do-over. Geddit, geddit? heh).

This is great, especially in Singapore where the heat and humidity kills whatever styling you have done to your hair four hours into your day, as you can simply run your fingers through your hair and scrunch it to give it the shape you want. 

How to use: What I usually do is to spray it on the roots of my damp hair and run my fingers through it to work and spread the formula. Then, I blowdry my hair into shape (or you can use it on dry hair, too, especially if you have long hair. Just use a brush to work the formula in). 

The result: Voluminous hair with movement

3. Hair Resort Beach Texturiser

Kevin Murphy has worked his way to become the go-to guru for that amazing beach hair. You know, the kind of dishevelled-yet-chic hair you get after spending the day at the beach?

This product allows you to create that look without even stepping on a grain of sand. This oil-free texturiser gives you that sexy surfer look, and it's suitable for all types of hair lengths.

This may not be the best product for those with very fine hair (for that, I suggest you go for the Anti Gravity Spray. Or, like me, use a combination of both products), but it can work wonders for those with thicker hair. 

Best part? The product washes right off when you shower. #LOVESIT!

How to use: Depending on your hair length, squeeze a dollop of the texturiser onto your palm and rub them intensely (to create some heat). Then, work it into slightly damp hair from mid strand out to the tip. Keep rubbing your palms together to get more of the product and then lightly massage your roots (you don't have to work it all over your scalp, just certain sections. Finally, blow dry your hair and shape it to the desired, messy look.

The result: Beach hair like you've just walked out of a Sports Illustrated cover shoot (ish). 


Kevin Murphy is sold only in salons and is currently available at The Big Blow at Cluny Court, The Parlour at Lowland Road and Duo Hair Salon at Mandarin Gallery.