Out & About: Lombok, Indonesia

When it comes to choosing your romantic beach destination, forget the usual suspects. Tucked away in Indonesia is a gorgeous beach location that is only about 3 hours plane ride away from Singapore. And we're not talking about Bali.  
- Seorin Shin

For those of you who seeks the tropics for your honeymoon but don’t want to be a cliché, Lombok, Bali’s next-door neighbour is the place to be.

Lombok is an island located east of Bali, and while Bali attracts millions of tourists each year, Lombok offers a more budget friendly, hassle-free, and quieter destination. Even without the mass tourism, Lombok still provides no lesser attraction than Bali and or any other tropic islands. In Lombok, you will be able to find equally beautiful isolated beaches, accommodations, activities, nature and fantastic food.

So what can one do in Lombok? 

1. Relaxation:

Lombok Island is placed conveniently nearby to three other paradise islands that are located 20 minutes away by boat and 5 minutes away by speedboat. These islands are called Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. The Gili islands are a very popular destination for anyone and everyone who visits Lombok. The islands offer picturesque views of the clear blue sea, and also multiple water sports activities, fabulous cafes, bars, cycling and much more.

Only, in the recent years has Lombok gained the attention of many tourists, particularly Honeymooners. And not too long ago Lombok was still very much underdeveloped. But thanks to the garnered attention, Lombok has started manifesting its island and cleaning up beach sites and nature sites so they can attract more tourism. One of its recent found gems is the Pink Beach. Although there isn’t still much live to it, it is still worth the visit. The view is marvelous, and you will get to experience hands on the beautiful pink sand that from the effect of the pink corals. Honeymooners will also be pleased with the fact that it is a deserted, quiet beach that will allow them to relax and enjoy their much-needed privacy. 

2. Outdoor activities:

For the ones who prefer a more adventurous and intellectual honeymoon than a relaxing one, other activities will suffice just that.  Mount Rinjani is the second highest volcano in Indonesia and located in the heart of Lombok. If you strive for adventure, this trip up to Mount Rinjani will be the highlight of your honeymoon. The hike up is usually a multi-day trip consisting 2-3 days worth of strenuous hiking, but in all honesty, nothing will compare to the experience that you’ll get. The views will leave you in awe.

For a more subtle intellectual adventure, you can visit the traditional Sasak Village. The Sasak are the indigenous people of Lombok. Their culture often fascinates visitors, and tourist’s love engaging and learning from them. If you love these kinds of interactions, you’ll certainly want to pay these people a visit. After, you can continue your day to the traditional local market where you’ll find local goods and souvenirs to bring back for memories. Ampenan is the market to visit for fresh local produce and Cakranegara is perfect for souvenirs.


One that I would recommend for anyone visiting Lombok is Sheraton hotel and or Qunci Villas. However, for those of you flying there for your honeymoon, a stay in Qunci Villas will give you a much fuller and hands on Lombok experience. But rest assure they both provide excellent service, fabulous spas, private beach and delicious in-house restaurants.


Lombok is most famous for their fresh seafood, and if you’re nervous about where to eat, I can guarantee that any restaurant you end up in will provide adequate food. And for those of you who are big on spicy food, you should try the local Ayam Taliwang. But, all in all make sure to not miss out on the chance to eat beachside!