Out & About: How We Get To Work

Valerie goes to work via..... SWAT

Usually I’d take the MRT to work, but for the days where I wake up just a little bit later, or on those glorious, rainy mornings, Swat is my go-to answer. Swat is a new player on the market, providing a bus-pool system that costs only $5 per trip no matter your location or destination. Operating from 7 to 10am, Swat caters to the working crowd and mostly travels to the CBD. On first glance, the application may seem confusing and perhaps even, a little intrusive. With two characters, Roger (on-demand booking) and Howdy (pre-booking), you can request for or book in advance a Swat vehicle by providing your current location, destination and preferred departure time. Either way, they’ll be the ones constantly asking you where you’d like to go or if you’d like to schedule a ride, which is what I meant by intrusive. It has been a month since I’ve tried Swat and I’m so glad it exists. The only downside might be the point of pick up. Unlike Uber or Grab, Swat drivers do not go directly to your location, but somewhere near within reasonable walking distance. Lucky for me, it’s just by the side of my block along the main road! The app tells you exactly where your driver is, the time he or she would arrive and your estimated time of arrival. More often than not, my drivers have arrived punctually and I’ve reached the office even earlier than the estimated time. The mini buses are comfy, spacious and if there’s someone else pooling with you, it really isn’t all that bad because with all the seats around, you don’t exactly have to sit side by side, which satisfies my introverted heart. 

Angie goes to work via... UBER

I’ve been riding Uber for close to 4 years now and first started using it in London where cabs are not exactly known for their pocket friendly prices. People ask me why I continue to stick with Uber despite the wide variety of options that are offered these days? I think for me it would probably be the idiot proof interface and also their efficient customer service. The few times I’ve encountered problems on my journey, Uber manages to solve them in a painless and efficient manner whereby I actually feel that my inquiry or complaint is being heard without having to scream over the phone, which says a lot. The well designed interface is simple and to the point and you can use Uber like..everywhere. For people who travel frequently as well, Uber will save your life! From options like Uber-Copter in Monaco or a simple car to pick you up at the airport to your destination. 

Rohai goes to work via... GRAB

I have a love-hate relationship with Grab. Sometimes, it's good to me, sometimes it's crazy. But one thing that's for sure is Grab's consistency of being much cheaper than Uber when the latter's surge pricing goes through the roof (I mean $70 UberX pricing from CBD to the East side of Singapore? Come on, you've got to be kidding me, Uber). But in general, Grab is good. It gives me the exact pricing I need to pay even before I book the car/taxi (excluding ERP charges, of course). That model is so good that now Uber has sort-of adopted it for their own app. Their GPS/map app is good too (sometimes, I feel that Uber's GPS is crazy). Plus, Grab drivers are actual drivers who have been driving for a couple of years - so, you know they know the best way to get to wherever you want to.