Out & About : Baby, You're a Firework !

If you did not score yourself a ticket for this year's Jubilee celebrations on Aug 9, fret not. You can still be in on the action and catch the fireworks live from various spots on the island! According to the chairman of the fireworks committee, Military Expert 6 (ME6) Manimaran Ganesan, this year's display will be the biggest and boldest yet.

Last month, The Straits Times reported that the pyrotechnics display will also feature new segments such as a rainbow arc, in which fireworks will be set off along a 300m platform to explode in a colourful fan-shape above Marina Bay. Other new displays include fireworks exploding to form the word "SG50" and a dazzling golden jubilee shell.

THE FIFTH COLLECTION lists some of the best places in Singapore to relax, watch the fireworks go BOOM, while having a glass of wine. 

From various online sources as well as how things went during the many, many weekend rehearsals, here's a breakdown the Parade timing:

Generally, the fireworks display begins at 730pm but if you're at the various spots early, you can catch the State Flag flypast as well as the Singapore Airlines A380 flypast (first time ever, so it'll definitely be something special to see) and the annual aerial display. These "airshows" start at 640pm. 


Make sure you arrive early as the place will be packed with bystanders, tourists and Singaporeans waiting to catch in on the action. The Merlion park, which is situated next to One Fullerton (where Butter Factory used to be), is probably one of the best spots to watch the displays in the sky. Also, you can catch a live stream of the festivities from the steps of the Merlion Park. 


Overlooking the waterfront of Marina Bay, the Promontory is a nice place to catch the fireworks. There's also a large open space, called The Lawn, for you to set up your picnic mats and chill with family and friends. Again, there's a live stream of the parade, screened on LED screens at this location. 

Of course, the best view of the fireworks will be if you're on a higher ground. So, if you can get a spot on Level 33 of the Marina Bay Financial Centre (you don't need office access for this), that'll be perfect. 


Away from the craziness of the city, you can get a spot in the Gardens by the Bay which overlooks the Marina Reservoir. Plus, this spot gives you a stunning view of Singapore's skyline, which acts as a backdrop for the flypasts and the fireworks display. Also, the promenade allows a wide view of the fireworks against Singapore's landmarks, from the Singapore Flyer to Marina Bay Sands. Perfect for Instagram!