Out & About: Manifesto

If you're tired of visiting the same old shops in Singapore, how about giving the newly opened Manifesto a go. Located at the recently unveiled Capitol Piazza Mall, the multi-label concept store promises to reignite your passion for fashion. 

The brainchild of of Walid Zaazaa, a French fashion designer with over 15 years of experience in the creative industry, Manifesto carries over 60 brands that range from luxury fashion labels, such as Barbara Bui, Costume National and Lemaire, to streetwear staples like Adidas x Neighborhood, Kitsune and Nike, as well as niche, alternative brands including Opening Ceremony and Surface to Air. 

The best part? The majority of the brands available in the store are new-to-market labels. They include alternative designers such as Avelon (men’s and women’s apparel) from Amsterdam, Anne Thomas (jewellery) from France, and Premiata (women’s shoes) from Italy.


Dress by Avelon from Manifesto


Men's jacket by Costume National from Manifesto


The piece-de-resistance of the Manifesto concept store

Even if you don't buy anything (which we doubt that will happen), the store concept and design alone will keep you in awe. Zaazaa aims to democratise fashion and present Manifesto as a welcoming space for anyone and everyone, from the fashion student to the well-heeled socialite, the graphic design intern to the worldly intellectual. The street-facing windows thus allow both light and eye in, communicating the store’s wares as well as accessibility.

The central structure, an angled loop that looks like a folded origami-like creation acts as a display showcase as well as a formidable art installation. This is where you will find the sneaker bar which showcases some of the most covetable sneaker designs to make you climb to the top of the style stakes at lightning speed. 


Close up of the shoe bar, which doubles up as an impressive art installation

MANIFESTO is located at 02-19, Capitol Piazza Mall