Fashion Heroes: Esther Quek & Janie Cai

At THE FIFTH COLLECTION, we not only celebrate stylish stars but also game-changers from the world of publishing. After all, they are the ones who determine what goes into the pages of their respective publications and , by extension, dictate what we need to have in our wardrobes for the season

This week, we take a look at two Singaporean editors who have been chased and adored by many streetstyle bloggers and fans alike. 

Esther Quek

Group fashion director, Conde Nast Traveller, The Rake and Revolution (Middle East)

Why we love her: Scrolling through your instagram feed during fashion weeks, you'd definitely have come across this striking Middle East-based female editor. The pixie-haired Singaporean street style icon is revered by both women and men alike for a personal style that is often described as androgynous—she loves mixing classic menswear elements in her outfits and does it all with confidence and colourful finesse. 

Janie Cai

Managing editor, Esquire Singapore

Why we love her: Janie's Annie Hall fashion moments at the international men's fashion weeks are well-documented throughout social media. Always looking pulled together, we love that her outfits are fun and youthful with a slight feminine touch. And because the devil is in the detail, the Singaporean editor's choice of wearing hats to complete her outfits gets our two thumbs up.