Letter from the Editor: page Five takes Five

This week page five is going to be very short and has just one topic.

For issue number 13, we are simply going to "take five" and we encourage you to do the same. Take some time off to read, reflect and take care of yourself, as this is exactly what we are going to do. 

We will be taking a short pause to enjoy what we've achieved so far, recoup our energy and start planning the many exciting things we will do next. So stay tuned next week when we will back next week with new energy, new ideas and lots to show. 

This weekend, some of us will be partying it up at Kyo, while others will enjoy spending time with their families. As for me, I am simply going to dive into the pile of books that have been eagerly waiting for me by the bedside for the last few months. 

So take us up on our suggestion this week: don’t forget how important it is to take some time off from the routine to come back re-energised. Have a nice weekend everyone and see you next week!