Letter from the Team : We -heart- Singapore

Dinnie Lim, The Operative

Timber floorings and exposed brick work. One of my favourite things about Singapore is the abundance of cafes on our small island. Be it in the neighbourhoods of Tiong Bahru or the streets of Jalan Besar, like the spring bamboos after the rain, cafes have been sprouting up all over the island. As someone who likes to sleep in on the weekend, the brunch menus at these cafes certainly brighten up my mornings (and tastebuds) with the fragrance of coffee.

Angie Chen., The Curator

Supper. The surplus of supper places that we have in Singapore is unparalleled, the variety of options to choose from when you’re feeling peckish at 3am is out of this world. Ramen? Maggie Goreng? Roti Prata? Bak Chor Mee? Done. Sure other countries have great supper joints too, but the accessibility and types of food cannot be compared to Singapore. This National Day, we will be appreciating the glorious food we dig up after a long night of drinking and partying.

Rohai, The Scribe

How can anyone not love Singapore for the very fact that it has McDelivery? Singapore is one of the very few countries with the option of having a McDonald’s meal delivered right to your doorstep! I mean, 3am hunger pangs and dying for a McSpicy Double? All you have to do is call the hotline or log on to their site and place your orders. There were times, in the last couple of months, that THE FIFTH COLLECTION office has had the honour of having the McDelivery deliveryman gracing our office space twice. In a day. Unhealthy, you say? It’s alright... More fries for me, then! Oh, how I love you McDelivery.