Letter From The Scribe: Shop Till You Drop

Since THE FIFTH COLLECTION started, two years ago, we've been asked many times by our dear Collectors if we have a physical store. You see, many of you want to see the pieces we so proudly showcase on our online store. You want to touch and feel the many treasures that have been entrusted to us. 

So, over the past year, we've been working hard to find collaborators to stock and showcase a curated selection of our vintage collection. The first was with Manifesto at Capitol Piazza (read here) and, a couple of weeks ago, we partnered with THE BEAUTY CANDY APOTHECARY (read here) over at Mandarin Gallery. 

Still, we had wanted to do something special for all our clients. And when the discussion on the first of our bi-annual sale for this year came up, we figured it will be a good time to have.. a pop-up store. 

Yes, our dear Collectors. You've read it right -- 1) our favourite four-letter word is back: S-A-L-E! and 2) You can view AND purchase these sale items at our pop-up store.

Now, for those who are following us on Instagram and Facebook, you'd already know that today marks the start of a two-day pop-up store that we're having over at the Four Seasons Hotel Singapore. Here, we're showcasing exciting sale pieces (many of which are going at up to 50% off) from favourite labels such as Chanel, Céline, Hermès, Marni and Lanvin

(clockwise, from left) Chanel Long Wallet on Chain; Christian Louboutin Viveka Python Sandals; Azzedine Alaia Hounstooth Crop Top; Vintage Constance Bag

What's interesting about our two-day pop-up store is that we're not only showcasing the items that are on sale; we're also bringing down some of the rare and exciting pieces that are not on sale but available on our site (think: exquisite Balmain jackets, vintage Hermes bags)! So, if you've ever wanted be up close and personal with some of the vintage finds and luxury pieces that we have on the site, this is your chance. 


So, over the last few days, the team has been working very hard setting up the pop-up store - marking the sale items with the new prices, lovingly displaying the pieces so it'll be easier for you to shop and just making everything look perfect! Check out our sneak peek video below:

We've also made sure that we have the best items up for sale. So, that means, great orange boxes, amazing blue ones and also the ever popular black boxes with white letter imprints. You see, when it comes to making our customers happy, we will pull out all the stops.


Where: Four Seasons Hotel - Grange Room, 6th Floor

When : Friday 18th and Saturday 19th of March from 11am to 8pm

What: Kicking off our bi-annual sales with pieces up to 50% off.
We will also be showcasing vintage items not on sale from our online collection. 
The event will include clothing, shoes, bags and accessories.

Brands: Chanel, Céline, Hermès, Marni, Lanvin and many more

The event is open to public but RSVP via our Facebook page (click here) to get on the priority line. 

So, share with your friends and come together to join us for this amazing two-day pop-up store! And if you've missed today's slot, don't worry, We'll be here the whole day tomorrow as well!