Style It: Vintage Pieces We Love.. For Ourselves

Here's the thing about Valentine's Day - It is not only about celebrating with your loved one. It is also about loving yourself and taking the time to show that you care. 

For fashion lovers, one of the best way to do this is to present yourself with something vintage. Sure, they cost a bit more but this investment is for life. I mean, if they've survived all those years and still look THIS good and pristine... You can be sure that they'll definitely last a lifetime and more. 

So, take charge of yourself. Empower yourself with a fashion choice that you won't regret. Because, really, vintage jewellery and bags are a must...... Having a valentine is optional. 

Click on the pieces below for more details! 

Trust us, you'll love the vintage pieces we have in stock! Click the image below to check out our Vintage Forward collection. 

The Tattoo Kelly bag is available for viewings at
Manifest @ Capitol Piazza (Level 2)!