Fashion Geek: Power Couples We Love

Ok, we're all about loving one's self and all that jazz, but it is also Valentine's Day. And we can't help ourselves. So, we've put together a list of our favourite power couples who are clearly defining and re-defining the term #relationshipgoals. 

From Fashion to activists to movie stars, we've got some of the best power couples you need to know! Can we say... #couplegoals?

1. George Clooney + Amal Alamudin 

A combination of movie star good looks and great intelligence, George and Amal Clooney is truly a couple that have both looks and brains. George, who was for the longest time Hollywood's most eligible bachelor, struck gold when he met the incredibly intelligent and beautiful British International Law and Human Rights lawyer and activist. The couple got hitched in 2014. 

While they both keep their personal married lives private, they are often chased by the paparazzi when they're out and about.

Later this month, George will be honoured with the Honorary Cesar Award from the Academie des Arts et Techniques du Cinema - France's version of the Oscars.

Amal is currently working to fight for the rights of the Yazidi women who were held captive as sex slaves by ISIS. You can read the full feature piece in this February/March 2017 issue of 1843, or on here

2. Nate Berkus + Jeremiah Brent

One of the most recognisable names in interior design, Nate Berkus, has always been on our radar for his charming smiles, good looks, and impeccable sense of style. But it was his story during a particular episode of the Oprah Winfrey show that made us fall in love with him. In 2004, the celebrity interior designer lost his beloved partner, photographer Fernando Bengoechea, when the two found themselves swept away by the devastating tsunami that struck Sri Lanka, where they were vacationing. 

Almost a decade after the loss, Nate finally found the man of his dreams in fellow interior designer, and TV personality, Jeremiah Brent. The two have been labelled as one of the most stylish and good looking couples ever. In 2014, the couple starred in the ad campaign for American masstige label Banana Republic. That same year, Nate and Jeremiah tied the knot and last year welcomed a baby girl named Poppy. 

Erm, watch out Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka... You both are about to be dethroned! 

3. John Legend + Chrissy Teigen

His silky smooth voice, her gorgeous figure and exotic look - John Legend and Chrissy Teigen makes the cut to be one of our favourite power couples. What we love? Chrissy's honest self, sharing about the couple's journey through IVF when they were trying for a baby. Let's not also forget all the hilarious but on point clapbacks that Chrissy and John have both issued on twitter over many many issues. 

Plus, it is not often that we see someone as gentlemanly as John. At an awards ceremony a couple of years back, John was pictured taking a step back - out of the limelight - and clap for Chrissy as she did her thing for the cameras. 

4. Jenna Lyons + Courtney Crangi

This is what we call the modern day fashion powerhouse. Jenna Lyon (left of the picture) is the always sharp and stylish President of American fashion brand J.Crew, while her partner, Courtney, is a top jewellery executive. They've been spotted doing the most chic couple-dressing (yes, we usually cringe and such matchy-matchy outfits... but this one was done with such class)! 

They were the talk of the gossip mill in 2011 when Lyons divorced her husband but the two have stayed together and proven that their love transcends all boundaries!