Style It: 5 Classic types of Shoes Every Girl Needs

1. Flats

Sexy, vertiginous heels may be the dream pair for many, but sometimes our feet need the rest and be comfortable. So, what better way than to slip into a pair of comfortable yet chic flats? Our favourite has got to be the ballerina flats. Inspired by the ballet shoes, which is lightweight and moulds to your feet, these flats are the so easy to wear and can go with almost anything. Plus, you can easily packed a pair into your bag for when you need to switch your footwear. 

2. The Sandals

Bet you're wondering, "aren't some of these flats?". Yes, sure but sandals are the perfect footwear for our hot and humid weather. The flat sandals can be worn with dresses and jeans, for a more casual but still dressy feel. While those with heels are definitely for nights out or even work. 

3. The Pumps

For work or play, pumps are sexy.

4. Sneakers

When those days when you're feeling less feminine and more adventurous (with your style). We love pairing dresses with sneakers. 

5. Slip Ons

Casual, cool and easy to wear. What we're loving? This pair of metallic slip on with Marble-print sole by Charles Phillips. Did we tell you its going for a song AND it's brand new?

Marble Print Slip Ons