Fashion Geek: Hermès Collier de Chien

Like many fashion-obsessed person, I've always wanted to own a Hermès Collier de Chien bracelet. Unfortunately, it is out of my price range (more on that later) and the ones available at THE FIFTH COLLECTION are not in my size.


Collier de Chien bracelet. Unfortunately, it is out of my price range (more on that later) and the ones available at THE FIFTH COLLECTION are not in my size. 

But let's not focus on me, here. So, what makes the CDC, as it is commonly known, so popular and covetable? 

The French term "Collier de Chien" literally translates to "dog collar", which explains a lot of the initial design. Generally, there are eight rounded spikes on the leather bracelet and it comes in a multitude of materials, from calfskin to the exotic crocodile (check out the gorgeous purple croc skin CDC we have on the site!). In terms of hardware, the CDC comes in either palladium or gold-plated. 

The Collier de chien bracelet is made of a single strip of the skin which the hardware is expertly affixed to. It also features a turn lock-style closure that is adjustable and then secured with a moveable metal piece that slides over the excess strap for a more comfortable fit.  

Now, the exact date of release is not really known but it is said to have been created in the early 1970s. This bracelet-style CDC was inspired by the belt version, which was first introduced in 1927. 

While it has been popular with Hermès lovers for years, the bracelet owes its mainstream appeal to celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe. It is through her influence (and her bevy of It Girl clients) that the bracelet came to represent a new class of royalty. In the early 2000s, having the CDC bracelet as part of your #wristgame was seen as the ultimate sign of luxury and looking chic. Suddenly, girls (and boys) were going to Hermès stores and buying up the bracelets. 

Of course, the CDC bracelet is an "affordable" (and I use this term rather loosely here) alternative to the French House's other iconic pieces - the Kelly and Birkin bags, anyone? Now, I haven't been into a Hermès store recently but my previous visit, which was in October last year tells me that the bracelet is going for about SG$1,700 for the standard calfskin version. That's more than a pretty penny, if you ask me. But, hey, you are ultimately paying for artisanal craftsmanship.

Then again, isn't it a good thing that there are a couple of CDC bracelets on our site?  

What I love about the CDC bracelet is that its edgy enough to be on its own, or you can stack it with other bracelets, bangles and your watch. I usually prefer mixing up the styles and varying the size and widths of my arm candy to create a statement look that is editorial yet approachable. 


We're on the lookout for more CDC bracelets, if you're in possession of one and looking to part with it (maybe, you got a new one? or you're simply on a style detox?), hit us up! And if you have a black Calfskin CDC bracelet with Permabrass Rose Gold hardware in size L and looking to part with it, hit ME up! I'll be eternally grateful!