Shop Now: LV to Covet

This week, we're shining the spotlight on one of our favourite iconic fashion houses - Louis Vuitton. With the LV: Series 3 exhibition happening at the Crystal Pavilion at Marina Bay Sands and the 500 Arhats exhibition on the works of LV-collaborator Takeshi Murakami at the Mori Museum in Tokyo, this month is probably the best time to take out your LV bags (or get one from us).

For more than 150 years, Louis Vuitton has been at the top of the luxury fashion game and ranked one of the most recognisable (and covetable) brands in the world. Founded in 1854, the brand, as many of you would have known, started out as the go-to name for travel luggage and trunks -- something that the fashion house still produces and a favourite of the rich and famous. 
Over the years, Louis Vuitton, though still known for its bags, has sent out some of the best ready-to-wear collections that are favoured by style insiders, celebrities and fashion lovers alike. 

Of course, the Louis Vuitton brand is known for its iconic monogram that feature the "LV" stamp as well as the graphic quatrefoils pattern. But not many realise that the brand started out with the Damier check pattern. These days, some of the more popular leather/canvas "styles" include the epi leather and the cachemire leather.

To get into the groove of "LV December", THE FIFTH COLLECTION highlights five of our favourite bags you won't want to miss out on. Check them out below: 





Audra Bag

Colourful and quirky, this top-handle bag is a collaboration piece with Takashi Murakami. You’ll love how roomy it is despite its size — so you can still bring more than just lip gloss and finishing powder to dinner! Don’t be afraid of the white base, though. Made from LV’s signature leather, the comes with a slight patina, cleaning off spots and stains is a breeze. 

Damier Ponyhair Impala Bag

We like the quirky shape of this Impala bag — it reminds us of an old-school Japanese picnic basket (albeit a smaller-sized version). What’s great is that this bag is crafted in pony hair, so it adds a luxe feel to the look. Of course, the signature Damier pattern is also a plus point as you don’t see a lot of people carrying this. So, $500 to stand out from the crowd? Not sure what you’re waiting for, really. 

Riviera handbag

Attention corporate chicks wanting to make a style statement in the office: The Riviera bag is the arm candy for you. We love how practical the bag is — there are slip pockets lining the interior which allows you to compartmentalise your work life. Perfect for you type-A girls who want to keep everything organised and tidy. 

Denim Baggy Monogram GM bag

This one is super casual so it’s great for the weekends when you’re out shopping or for when you’re running errands. What we love is the monogrammed denim fabric the bag is crafted from. This makes the bag very hardy, rugged and easily cleaned. So, you don’t have to constantly be delicate with it, because really, sometimes we just want a bag we can throw around and not have to worry about scratching or staining it.

Ostrich Alma BB Bag

This is one bag we love so much. The ostrich leather gives the bag a cool, natural texture and pattern. Plus, how adorable is the raspberry on this Alma BB bag? The (detachable) crossbody strap makes this bag versatile as you can dress it down by pairing it with a weekend casual combo. Or, remove the strap and tote it as a top-handle evening bag. Oh, and did we mention it’s going for half the retail price in the stores?