Stocking Fillers: Small Gifts, Big Impact

At THE FIFTH COLLECTION, we take gift-giving very seriously. So, this Christmas, we want you to fill the stockings with these classic pieces that we've put together. They may be small in size but, trust us, they will have maximum impact on the person receiving. With prices not exceeding $600, these stocking fillers will definitely put a smile on your loved ones, without breaking your bank.

1. (Unbranded) Bear Brooch

It’s definitely an unusual gift but one that will set the wearer apart from the sea of predictable accessories. We love the design details on this bear, which showcases the workmanship of the craftsmen. Also, buying this as a gift it will not burn a hole through your wallet.

2. Givenchy Hammered Gilt Gold Drop Earrings

Sometimes the best ay to make a statement outfit-wise is by keeping the accessories simple. We love the neutral colours of the earrings as it makes them easy to wear for both day and night. 

3. Hermes Chevre Lucky Clover

The Irish say four-leaf clovers bring good luck and we are quite certain this Chèvre Clover charm is no different. The bi-coloured motif (one side in Orange; the other, green) adds visual interest as a bag charm or as a cute decoration to your lunchtime purse. Plus, it’s from Hermes and less than $200 - see, isn’t that good luck? 

4. Hermes Annee de la Main lock

Add a subtle luxe flair to any item with this limited edition lock charm from Hermes. What we love is how you can use it as a keychain, a zipper lock, or even as a pendant when attached to a chain necklace. 

5. Chanel Poured Glass Earrings

Vintage Chanel is always a welcomed gift at Christmas and this pair of poured glass earrings are no exception. We love how the earrings look super classic and sophisticated. Perfect for the girl who believes in understated elegance. 

6. Hermes Ladybug Charm    

Insects, no matter how cute, are never chic. Unless they're from Hermes, that is. Done in red and black leather and attached to a silver tone chain, it's great as a keychain or even as a bag charm. And if you want to add a cute touch to that tree this year, this one works like a charm. 

7. Hermes Enamel Clip-ons

Another vintage piece from Hermes, this pair of enamel earrings can be worn with a semi-casual look to add depth or with a long black dress to create visual interest. 

8. (Unbranded) Faberge Egg-inspired bracelet

How apt are those faberge egg-inspired charms for the Yuletide season? Present this bracelet to the girl who likes to add a bohemian flair to her look with layering her wrist candy. Plus, the quirky charms give the otherwise standard charmbracelet a whimsical twist.