Style Spotlight : All Eyes on Hermès



The Evelyne is one of Hermes’ classic designs, created in 1978. It was named after Évelyne Bertrand who was then the head of Hermès’s riding department. The bag was designed to carry grooming equipment. This functional and understated bag allows to keep both your hands free thanks to the sturdy adjustable strap. The simple tab closure and open compartment makes it easy to look for things in the bag and the back pocket allows you to put your most important necessities (like your phone!) in easy reach. The perforated ‘H’ detail not only adds to the design but also serves to keep moisture out of the bag, making it perfect for the humidity in Singapore. When it comes to the leather used, the bag is usually crafted in Clemence leather which is not only durable but also ages beautifully.

We love the Rouge garance colour (somewhat similar to a deep brick red hue) which gives the Evelyne a pop of colour without being too over-the-top. Understated yet still packs a punch - definitely a keeper. 



The origin of the Birkin is well known to our collectors and needs no further introduction; but what makes some Birkins more covetable than others? If you're an astute collector, getting one in a discontinued or rare leather such as this Jaune Courchevel beauty that's currently available on the site will set you apart from the rest of the Birkin-carrying crowd. The discontinued Courchevel leather, whose successor is the current Epsom leather, is a lightweight embossed leather with an even grain. This gives the leather a slight sheen. Over time, the bag ages beautifully and will retain most of its lustre. This is definitely a valuable and unique addition to any collection.



There’s nothing not to love about the many variations of the iconic Kelly bag that Hermès has come up with over the years. The So Kelly bag, for instance, is a real beauty. First introduced by Hermès in 2008, it is in the style of a bucket bag with the signature Kelly closure. As beautiful as it is practical, the bag allows you to store more than just your daily essentials without making the bag look bulky. It also carries very comfortably against the body. Currently on the site are two standout So Kelly bags in Bleu Atoll, which is the colour of the season, and Pelouse, a rich but subtle shade of green.




The Egee clutch features the iconic Chaine D’Ancre created in 1938 by Robert Dumas after a holiday at the seaside where he was inspired by an anchor chains that he observed on the docks. He then turned his inspiration into the now-iconic bracelet which has also created an entire range of items including the Egee clutch. This box calfskin clutch is perfect for formal or other dining events such as a weddings. We love how understated the bag is. It's definitely for someone who knows her own style and doesn't feel the need to shout it out to everyone. 



The Picotin is inspired by Hermès’ horse feedbags (yes, for horses to eat oats out of while on the move - so cool). It was created in 2002 by Frederick Vidal, who was also the genius behind the über-popular Lindy bag. This particular Picotin is also special because it is from the year it was first created - the original Picotin! We love how this piece is a handy and fuss-free bag, perfect for when you're packing for a weekend at the beach or simply just to go out grocery shopping.



There is not much information out there about the discontinued Vespa bag from Hermes, but the inspiration is said to be stylish Roman and Parisian women complaining that their purses were being snatched off their shoulders as they buzzed around town on their Vespa motorcycles. Urban legend or not, the fact is that this is a very practical cross body bag with the signature Chaine d’Ancre, or anchor chain, closure. These great bags are likely to become rarer and more prized over time as Hermès does not produce them anymore, making it an accessible collector's piece.